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Broadway Bites: Grilled cheese sandwiches at Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen

Mrs. Dorsey's Kitchen


Summertime in New York City means better weather for outdoor food markets.

Mrs. Dorsey's Kitchen, also known as MDK, was founded in July 2011.
Pamela Ng

Broadway Bites opened for the summer on June 3 and is here to stay until August 1. The small market located in Greely Park on 33rd Street and Broadway is currently home to several food vendors, including Red Hook Lobster Pound, Brooklyn Taco and Gelato Ti Amo.

But if you are looking for something that will be easy to eat while in the busy streets of Midtown, then check out Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen. Also known as MDK, Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen is a sandwich shop that specializes in a childhood favorite and one of America’s favorite comfort foods – grilled cheese sandwiches.

Don’t be fooled though. MDK isn’t home to any ordinary grilled cheese sandwich. Expect to find ingredients like fresh tomatoes and herbs in many of their menu items. From traditional cheddar to smoked Gouda, MDK also uses various cheeses in their sandwiches.

A notable sandwich on the vendor’s menu is Pop’s Original – smoked Gouda, honey mustard and fresh tomatoes in between two slices of Italian country loaf, baked by Brooklyn’s Caputo Bakery.

Like all their sandwiches, MDK’s bread is toasted with their homemade extra virgin olive oil spread, which leaves you with a perfectly toasted and golden grilled cheese. Just enough spread is used so that your hands won’t be drenched and dripping with oil like other grilled cheese sandwich shops.

The honey mustard in Pop’s Original also gives the sandwich an extra kick of flavor and overall, it goes well with the Gouda and tomatoes. You can enjoy Pop’s original for only $7.

Mrs. Dorsey's Kitchen’s grilled cheese sandwiches range between $6 and $8 and they can be found in Midtown until August 1. So head over to Broadway Bites for a taste of your childhood elevated.

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