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Britney Spears' Island Fantasy perfume worth spraying your territory

Britney Spears' Island Fantasy perfume


The problem with floral fragrances is sometimes they're just too strong, but with pop star Britney Spears' Island Fantasy perfume it's worth the territorial spray.

Britney Spears' Island Fantasy perfume sits on a Kohl's perfume rack.
(Shamontiel L. Vaughn)

In one of her latest singles "Perfume" from her latest CD "Britney Jean," she sings, "And while I wait, I put on my perfume. I want it all over you. I'm going to mark my territory. I'll never tell, tell on myself, but I hope she smells my perfume."

There may be mixed views about a single for jump-offs, but it's not like the idea is foreign. Women have been "accidentally" leaving clothing and undergarments behind just to let the next woman know, "Yup, he was with me" way before the "toxic" singer crooned about it. And Island Fantasy isn't a bad fragrance to spray on either.

The perfume includes top notes of citruses, mandarin, clementine, red berries and watermelon. Middle notes include flowers of jasmine, violet and freesia. The bottom notes include musk and sugar cane.

Island Fantasy is a pleasurable mix of flowers and fruits, but the mandarin definitely overpowers the rest of the perfume notes. And that's not a bad thing because the fragrance is an attractive mix of the best in floral and flowery aromas. Island Fantasy is highly recommended for both casual and formal events.

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