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Bring an Oscar nominee home: "Dallas Buyers Club" for rent & sale today

Matthew McConaughey good as both hottie and real man. Scenes from "Magic Mike" and "Dallas Buyers Club."
Matthew McConaughey good as both hottie and real man. Scenes from "Magic Mike" and "Dallas Buyers Club."
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Movie "Dallas Buyers Club"


Matthew McConaughey has long been underrated as an actor. Sometimes, when you're that hot, your physical talents of sexy abs and a killer smile get in the way of becoming taken seriously as an actor.

Yes, we've all heard stories of him running around, scantily clad playing the bongos. On that note, he likely has been often disregarded as TMZ fotter.

But McConaughey's career has been snowballing into a terrific body of work instead of a hot body of muscle. He's been on the "almost nominated" list of Oscar contenders in the last few years with his great work in "Mud," "Bernie" and even "Magic Mike," where he's able to act the hell out of a scene all the while stripping. "Mike" is the perfect example of the best of both worlds.

All of that exuded sexiness has lead to the crowning moment that is McConaughey today...the Best Actor Oscar Nominee for "Dallas Buyers Club," which can now be viewed by all as it comes out on DVD Tuesday, Feb. 4 - a whole month before the Academy Awards.

McConaughey - and every physically beautiful person before him - has done the impossible. He immerses himself in a role so deep that we forget it's McConaughey, but instead focus on the man he becomes, real life Ron Woodroof, one of the first AIDS patience.

Woofroof is a womanizes rodeo gambling hustler that is freewheeling much of the beginning of the film, ignoring every sign that his health is failing. Continuing a life of sexual threeways with women, smoking and drinking, Woodroof is stunned when he's delivered the news that he has the "gay cancer" as he isn't gay at all.

The movie follows Woodroof's journey to learning to be his own advocate and not accepting the rhetoric he is provided from hospital officials and the solitude he now lives with as his friends all think that they can contact the diseases simply by touching Woodroof. His journey ends up not being so alone thanks to a doctor played by Jennifer Garner and a tranny played by fellow Oscar nominee Jared Leto.

The movie makes enormous strikes in showing how early HIV patients were shunned simply by the lack of knowledge on the diseases and shows how we all really need to play a role in our own recovery and treatment.

"Dallas Buyers Club," also nominated for Best Picture, offers great character studies and insight and never sinks to melodrama.

Lately Leto has been getting so much attention for his amazing portrayal, but the core, heart, soul and canvass of "Dallas Buyers Club" is all Matthew McConaughey.

The beautiful people like McConaughey have it harder than most actors as they've become more infamous as a celebrity that it's harder for an audience to accept them in anything that isn't superficial. McConaughey makes us all forget his sexy body, his famous persona and instead, gives us a heart wrenching deep, multi-layered performance that is easily the performance of his career.

"Dallas Buyers Club" is available today for rent, buy or on VOD. For those who buy it, I suggest the combo pack which costs a few dollars more and you get the regular DVD, BluRay and digitial version for one price.

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