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Bring Ameri-Do-Te home with ‘Enter the Dojo’ on DVD

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Enter the Dojo

Enter the Dojo 2 disc collection DVD


In the world of martial arts fans are usually treated to just fights or action movies, but every so often something comes along that stands out all on its own. With the unthinkable amount of styles out there today only one stands above them all, Ameri-Do Te. This style is now featured on the popular YouTube series Enter the Dojo featuring Master Ken. Now fans can bring home the hilarious first two seasons on DVD loaded with special features.

The series follows Master Ken as he spreads the knowledge of the world’s greatest martial art Ameri-Do-Te to his students and the world. This is easily one of the most entertaining martial arts spoofs out there. There is careful attention to detail making the jokes a lot funnier to actual martial artists. At times it is utter ridiculous, which is most of the charm, but is not far from reality when it comes to some schools out there. Besides the simplistic nature of the series creating an environment reminiscent of shows like “The Office” its Master Ken himself that makes this show work. Usually they like to make characters like this arrogant and just unlikeable, but here he is just confident in Ameri-Do-Te no matter how silly it may seem at times and is at times a bit simple minded to a fault. This makes for a memorable character that is the perfect lead to this series. The rest of the cast are all great with each bringing their unique spin to show that not only resemble real types of students, but also just funny memorable characters. While it is shot on a small budget it has great production value and could easily hold its own on network TV and will hopefully be there someday.

This 2 disc collector’s edition not only features all the episodes from season 1 & 2, but also a collection of Master Ken’s “Bullsh*t” videos, outtakes and a great PSA about Ninjas. Whether you are a martial artist or just a fan of great comedy, this is a must own DVD for everyone. Step away from the bullsh*t of all the others and prepare to enter the world of Ameri-Do-Te and have your life changed for the better and those around you shall fear you.

In addition to this great video you can also grab autographs from Master Ken himself, T-shirts, and become a certified White Belt in Ameri-Do-Te so head over to and support this great series.