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BrightMillion Rocks Queen Bean

Brightmillion On Tour
Brightmillion On Tour
Dan Holman

BrightMillion Rock Band


The Los Angeles rock band BrightMillion made a stop in Modesto during their California Onward and Upward tour to play the Queen Bean Coffee House last October. If you're unfamiliar with BrightMillion, you missed a rockin' show, but not to worry, they will return.

BrightMillion members Dan Holman and Tony Anthos are talented musicians who play original rock reminiscent of Nivana, Pearl Jam, and Weezer. Bear in mind, BrightMillion is two guys who sound like a 5 member band.

Holman and Anthos accomplish this by blending live performance and pre-recorded backing tracks fed into seperate amplifiers for each instrument. By feeding the individual parts in their own amplifiers, the sound, volume, and placement of the amps spreads out the sound across the stage for superior seperation and imaging that feeding the tracks through a PA could never accomplish. Brilliant!

Talk about high energy, you'll not see a better band in the Valley, and it speaks of the quality of the talent and excellent songs BrightMillion brings to the table. It doesn't hurt that the musicianship is higher quality than Modesto is used to.

The show's was audience was mostly local musicians who gave their full attention to the band and commented on the musicianship during and after the show. It isn't often that high praise for a 'foreign' band reaches the level that BrightMillion received. Obviously, Los Angeles has a higher-quality talent pool than the Valley, and BrightMillion represents Los Angeles' talent with distinction.

Besides high energy, talented musicianship and stage presence, BrightMillion's songwriting skills is at the heart of their success. Solid rock with excellent melodic phrasing made the songs instantly appealing. The rock-solid drumming from Tony Anthos is an integral part of the sound, and it is obvious from the start that the rapport between Holman and Anthos from a musical standpoint is perfect. Often with this genre of music, any drummer can sit in and sufficiently hold down the rhythm section. Anthos is so much more than just a beat-keeper. He plays a relatively small kit with a minimum of mics, but gets a sound that is dominating, intricate, and rock solid.

Holman's singing appears effortless and his guitar playing is, like Anthos' drumming, never in the way of the melody. Good musicians stand out in a band, but great musicians and their playing ARE the band. BrightMillion's members are excellent musicians and their parts become the songs, unlike many local bands who feature a wall of mush. These guys are the model for bands who want to perform quality music outside the studio.

BrightMillion promised they will return to play Modesto, and it's a show I will be anxiously awaiting. Their tour was only in California, and they should be touring the country. Modesto will be fortunate to host BrightMillion again, and it will not be surprising to hear their music over the air waves. Look for an upcoming review of their CD, "Start A New Day" in the coming weeks.

Look for BrightMillion on the Web at: and their CD and other merchandise can be purchased at" They can be followed on Twitter and Facebook under BrightMillion and and for music and videos. You will not be disappointed!