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Brighten up your look with bold and affordable Milani Cosmetics

Bold, vibrant shades from Milani Cosmetics
Bold, vibrant shades from Milani Cosmetics
Alicia Lee

Milani Cosmetics


Ready to step out this summer and be all the "Hot Pink" rage or be as sweet as "Cotton Candy"?Well Milani Cosmetics has it all! Milani Cosmetics is a family owned and operated brand launched in 2002. Milani Cosmetics' products are designed for every woman of every skin tone who loves to wear the brightest, most daring colors. With a vast array of color options for an affordable price, Milani has become one of the biggest cosmetics brands worldwide.

I have been using Milani Cosmetics for a few years and I haven't been disappointed. The products are easy to find and never break the bank. One of my favorite products that Milani Cosmetics produces is the Color Statement Lipsticks. They are so vibrant and slide on so easy, not to mention the sweet, subtle hint of fragrance. The lipsticks weigh in at 0.14 oz and come in a variety of colors including soft tints like number nine Pink Frost to a dark brown like number 38 Double Espresso. There are shades of pink, brown, red, even purple. Most shades are matte and some feature a speck of shimmer.

They really are great for a various complexions and are easy to mix to find the perfect shade. My personal favorite has got to be number 20 Uptown Mauve. When I want a bold lip and neutral eye or a bold look altogether, this is my go to shade. It's a purple-red and great for all seasons.

Another one of my favorite Milani Cosmetics products is the Milani Cream-to-Powder Foundation. For my complexion, I am number 2 Spiced Almond and this foundation can easily be applied for light application, for instance I use it as a concealer and it fries lightweight and smooth, or, I can use a stippling brush and apply the cream-to-powder foundation for full coverage.

Though all of Milani's face products have a fragrance, for the past few years I've been using them, I haven't had any issues.

Nail polishes and treatments are also available. In my opinion, the darker the nail color, the better. It may just be personal preference, but I find the lighter shades to be a bit watery and I usually have to apply more than two coats (which can lead to chipping) for the color to really show.

The eye products from Milani are of great color pigmentation and as the other products, are affordable. My favorite is the Liquid Eye eyeliner, which is an eye liner with the feel and consistency of liquid eye liner. It glides on smooth and comes in five different shades.

Overall, if I had to group and rate all the Milani Cosmetics products that I've tried together, I'd give an overall score of 4.5 out of 5. I adore the variety, costs, and quality, but as mentioned I think the nail polish formulas, especially for the lighter shades, need a thicker formula. I can't wait to see what else Milani Cosmetics comes up with next!

You can find more about Milani Cosmetics online at their official website. Don't forget to Like on Facebook and follow on Twitter.