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Brigadoon weaves its magical spell at the Goodman Theatre

Lively dancers in Brigadoon
Lively dancers in Brigadoon Goodman Theatre

Brigadoon at the Goodman Theatre


Chances are, your high school put on a production of Brigadoon. Mine did. I got to know and love the songs of Lerner & Loewe's classic musical years ago, And, now, here it is...all new and updated at the Goodman Theatre. In this production, now extended for a second time through August 17, the storyline goes deeper. Amid the glorious music, amazing sets and colorful costumes, you come away with a better understanding of why the magical Brigadoon only comes alive once every 100 years. But I digress.

The story focuses on Jeff and Tommy, two American tourists who get lost on vacation in Scotland and stumble into Brigadoon, a mythical village not on the map that appears one day every 100 years. The rules are no outsider can stay in Brigadoon unless they fall in love, and no resident can leave or the village will vanish forever. When Tommy falls for Fiona, he's forced to choose between returning to the world that he knows—or taking a chance on love in the mysterious Brigadoon.

The reason the town disappears is because of the savage fighting between the highlands and the lowlands, who wanted the Scottish town to give up their tartan plaids, culture and way of life. The villagers choice to secede from their land is a brave, courageous act.

You'll be enthralled with the songs, "Almost Like Being in Love," "Go Home with Bonny Jean" and "There but for you, go I." Never have I heard such a thunderous applause for just one song.

Directed and choreographed by award-winning Rachel Rockwell, this Brigadoon springs to life with energy and heart. The dancing relies on traditional Scottish steps while engaging the viewers in the story. It's hard not to swept away by this fast-paced, colorful display. Better yet, come early and hear the bagpipes and dancers welcoming 'ye to the show.

Brigadoon is playing at the Goodman Theatre at 170 N. Dearborn until August 17, when it will disappear into the mist once again. For tickets, call the Goodman Theatre at 312.443.3800 or visit