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Bridges, streets and other New York beauties

Roland Kulla and his art work
Elena Hart-Cohen

George Billis Gallery


There is some great art to be found in The George Billis Gallery in the heart of Chelsea’s gallery district. The three man show that is currently up through June 21 provides a feast for the eyes of paintings depicting bridges, cityscapes and the urban landscapes. According to The George Billis Gallery’s Facebook page there was a “great crowd for our opening reception, the exhibit by Roland Kulla, Alejandro Mazón and Steve Katz continues through June 21 so please stop by and visit the gallery.” Admission to the gallery is free. For exhibit hours and information visit

Roland Kulla

In Kulla’s own words: ”I specialize in urban landscapes with an emphasis on bridge structures.” Kulla’s work that is entitled “East River Bridges” is part of a series on bridges he is doing here and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, among other notable locations. His work is also featured at The James Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the ZIA Gallery in Winneka, Illinois, and The Washington County Museum of Fine Art in Hagerstown, Maryland currently.

Alejandro Mazon

“Since my first exhibition in Coral Gables, Florida in 1991, I have projected a vision of sensuality, intimacy and tension in my paintings, which over the years have matured into my own personal language, while at the same time communicating with an audience who respond to the work regardless of artistic background,” adds the artist Alejandro Mazon on his web site.

Steven Katz

The artist Steven Katz specializes in cityscapes that appear to be moving and ever-changing. He seems to leave the viewer with an impression of a busy street in flux or movement. Adds Gerrit Henry from American Art Collector in June 2014: “One of the profoundest joys standing before a Steven Katz painting is surely the shock of recognition he/she experiences as he spots such fabled sights as a bus stop in front of Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden from a high window, or a street off Times Square on a particularly vital afternoon.” When reviewing this exhibit for Examiner I noticed immediately Macy’s Herald Square’s exterior as a vibrant, lasting reminder of the garment industry. The painting appeared as vital and ever-changing as the New York streets it depicts. It appeared to have a similar feel as an Impressionist painting. One leaves with the feeling that you can actually glimpse the people and objects moving in the busy city streets.

Adds Katz in his own words: “The cityscape is almost like a self-portrait, in an abstract sense.” In a sense his paintings like the New York City streets he depicts are the embodiment of the city in which the artist derives his energy and sense of movement. Staten Island art fans check out The George Billis Gallery in Chelsea, New York and enjoy the experience of looking at New York City from the perspective of the artists who draw so much energy from the city itself. I give the George Billis Gallery four out of a possible five stars. This is one gallery event you will want to check out! Step back, enjoy, and fall in love with New York’s vibrant architecture once again.