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Brian Gaskill's Short Film, "The Speech" Get's Rave Reviews

This photo taken by Ambika Leigh while she was editing the film.
This photo taken by Ambika Leigh while she was editing the film.
2014 Ambika Leigh

Short Film - The Speech


Last August, actor, director, producer, poet, scriptwriter and songwriter Brian Gaskill created a Kickstarter Project to help fund his short film, “The Speech.” He raised the funds he was looking for in record time. He released the film this week and it was a huge hit to his backers who were given a private viewing of the film via an online link.

Brian Gaskill
2014 Bren Coombs

I was not a backer but we had planned for my doing a follow-up on the story that I did back in August. That article can be read at: in its entirety. I had the privilege of viewing the film last night via the same link given to the backers for the purpose of doing a follow up story which in fact has turned into a review because the work is just so good. How could I not voice my praise?

When he started this, I honestly did not know what it was going to be like. Had he ever helped produce, direct and act in anything he had ever written before? This was quite an undertaking. I knew there was no Hollywood funding for this endeavor because of my prior interviews with Brian. Even with the Kickstarter project, he was still producing this piece on a shoestring budget. I was so blown away by the entire piece from acting, to the quality of the filming and set, location, sound, production, editing and music. I really do hope that Brian will produce more films and I hope to see this film developed from a short into a full feature film. I think the story is there. I know I want to see what happens to the two main characters as their story is far from being told. Brian wrote this piece and he left us on what could be considered a soft cliffhanger as you know it is just not the end of their story but truly just the beginning.

Brian’s Kickstarter backers were so pleased with the results. I have asked if I could print a few of their comments in this piece.

Joanna Mideastdance says, “I loved watching The Speech. Brian Gaskill has been one of my favorite actors for a long time now and he continually gets better. He brought so much sincere vulnerability to this project that it seemed more like listening to someone's private conversation than watching a movie. I feel honored to have been able to see this film. I know that Brian will do great things throughout his life. He has a James Dean quality to his acting. That raw emotion that you do not see all the time is always there in any part that Brian takes on. Good luck to you Brian, you never disappoint.

Marian Simberloff Hunts says: It was an honor to be able to support Brian Gaskill’s Kickstarter Project. He has been one of my favorites since All My Children and Port Charles.

Carrie Cunningham says: The Speech" is a haunting recollection of the awkwardness and painful ecstasy of first love. In less than 20 minutes, I laughed, sat on edge, flushed, cried, and swear that someone punched me in the gut. Brian and Clea's performances were raw and captivating. It left me wanting more of the story.

Joanne Figs says: I sat mesmerized with Brian's performance!! I wouldn't change the vulnerability of his character, nor his boyish charm!! I was drawn into this short film and was feeling exactly what I believe the characters wanted us to feel! I too felt as though I was privy to a personal conversation!! The movie, albeit too short, drew me in, made me cry at the love, tenderness, sensuality and sexuality!! It made me long to see ' to be continued '! Brian is an amazing talent! Joanna compared him to James Dean! I feel he IS Brian Gaskill with some Steve McQueen and some Jimmy Stewart!! I was waiting for a clenched jaw!! Bravo!!! Applause, applause!

Franny Wright says: The Speech is amazing. I was totally caught up in your fantastic performance. Brian, you have a very dynamic presence which fares well with your special blend of sincerity & vulnerability. I'm very fortunate to be a part of your film.

Dawn Davis says: It was beautiful to see this film in all of its completely produced glory. I was fortunate to have been at the very first reading of the script at We Make Movies - it tugged at my heart strings and the tears flowed freely. Brian's writing is so honest, so truthful - showing us how necessary, yet painful & difficult it can be to say the most beautiful & important things to the people who mean the most to us before it is too late. Certainly something all of us are able to relate to on some level. The more often stories like this are told, the more brave we will all become. I'm happy to see Brian sharing his work with the world.

Sharon Reeve says: I just finished viewing The Speech by Brian Gaskill. What an honor to be a backer of this mighty film. Intriguing! Makes me want to see the rest of the story...their beginning and their end! Genuine acting that stirs deep emotions in the viewer. What happens next?

This journalist gave this film short 5 Stars as I just find anything to complain about. You know what, that’s not true, I wish it were a full length film but I can’t take anything away from the five star rating as it was just that good.

You can like, “THE SPEECH,” at Facebook at:

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