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Brian Copeland in Scion

Brian Copeland

live theatre


Brian Copeland’s work involves comedy and tragedy revolving around the common center of personal history. We try to use comedy to get through the discomforts and disappointments of our daily lives but ultimately it fails to protect us from tragedy.

In Scion, Copeland’s characters deal with the abuses of privilege and its implicit threats. He re-enacts his childhood comically grappling with the powerful adults in his family and neighborhood. In the mix, he also tells the story of convicted murderer Steuart Alexander, who killed 3 USDA meat inspectors in San Leandro in 2000. Steuart Alexander’s life, as narrated by his colleagues, is not just threatening but physically violent.

Copeland plays several characters, assuming the speech patterns and body language of each to form a one-man show with a big cast. He delivers entertainment interleaved with a serious message.

Scion plays until March 1st, 2014 at the Marsh in San Francisco.

By the way, Copeland’s famous Not a Genuine Black Man will be playing at the Berkeley Rep April 23 through May 31 2013.

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