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Brew Review: New Glarus Coffee Stout

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New Glarus Coffee Stout


Coffee Stout is the New Glarus Winter seasonal. It’s made with roasted malts and cold pressed organic coffee from the Just Coffee Cooperative in Madison, Wisconsin.

Appearance: Dark brown but not quite black, nice, rich, tan 1/2” head and lacing down the glass

Aroma: As you would expect, lots of rich roasted malt and coffee aromas

Taste: Again, the name says it all. This tastes like a chilled coffee with some hoppy bitterness and alcohol in the background.

Mouthfeel: Nice medium feel to this beer, a mild spiciness and bitter coffee-like finish.

Overall: If you like coffee and stouts then this is the beer for you. This is a very well done beer with lots of roasty coffee flavor and without as much of the astringency that you get in other coffee stouts.

It's lighter in body than other stouts so if you prefer a full-bodied stout, this might be a little thin. On the plus side, it's lighter in alcohol than other stouts as well which means you can have more than one! I enjoyed it at near room temperature and would recommend it that way.

Details (from website):

Style: Coffee Stout

Flavor: Deep coffee flavors

Alcohol: 6.3% by volume

Availability: 6-packs in Wisconsin markets only

What others thought: Beer Advocate Rate Beer

My star ratings:

5 Stars: Amazing! A bucket list beer.

4 Stars: Excellent beer, great flavors and characteristics to be enjoyed over and over.

3 Stars: Average. Good enough to drink but not worth making a fuss over.

2 Stars: Eh, I'd only drink it again if forced to choose between this and a 'light beer'.

1 Star: Drain-pour.




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