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Brew Review: New Glarus Back Forty Bock

Get lost in your own Back Forty
Get lost in your own Back Forty
New Glarus Brewing Company

New Glarus Back Forty Bock


The Back Forty is a Wisconsin Bock style lager named for unused acreage of land that has not yet been developed and so is used for fun.

From the New Glarus website…

The “Back Forty” is property commonly found on the outskirts of the Wisconsin family farm. Here uncultivated acres wait prime for adventure- forts, tree houses, rope swings and first kisses! A place to run away, to camp, to climb, to build, to play. Not actually home but not too far away. That’s the Back Forty. The beer you hold is similar both dark and adventurous still smooth and familiar. Here’s a beer you can enjoy without pretense or explanation. Every mind requires some acres of possibility, space for dreams, the great escape, everyone needs a Back Forty.

Deborah Carey went on to say, “Many of us have happy childhood memories of ‘Back Forty’ adventures. When we named this beer, I had been working too hard myself and so I thought I would use the name to encourage others to find some space.”

Appearance: Clear dark amber, creamy tan head and nice lacing

Aroma: Toasty, caramel malt aromas and very light hops

Taste: Roasted malt upfront with some sweet caramel/toffee flavors, low bitterness and nice mellow finish

Mouthfeel: On the light side of medium and low carbonation.

Overall: The mouthfeel seemed a little on the thin side but overall, this is a nice session beer at just 5.5% ABV, lower than Traditional Bock style lagers. Still, this would do just fine on a nice Fall day.

Details (from website)

Style: Wisconsin Bock

Flavor: Without pretense or explanation

Alcohol: 5.5% by volume

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My star ratings:

5 Stars: Amazing! A bucket list beer.

4 Stars: Excellent beer, great flavors and characteristics to be enjoyed over and over.

3 Stars: Average. Good enough to drink but not worth making a fuss over.

2 Stars: Eh, I'd only drink it again if forced to choose between this and a 'light beer'.

1 Star: Drain-pour.


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