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Brenda Novak's new Whiskey Creek romance plumbs emotional depths

Best selling author Brenda Novak pens another winner
Best selling author Brenda Novak pens another winner
Cover art courtesy Brenda Novak; graphic by Mary Beth Magee

'Come Home to Me' by Brenda Novak


In the small Gold Country town of Whiskey Creek, secrets hide in unlikely places and reveal themselves in the most inconvenient of times. Previous volumes in Brenda Novak’s Whiskey Creek series introduced readers to many of the characters and secrets. In “Come Home to Me,” she brings two more of the community’s denizens to the forefront.

Aaron Amos, one of the brothers in the often fractious Amos clan, considers leaving Whiskey Creek to open a branch of the family’s automotive repair business in another town in the region. He’s researching locations and ready to make the move.

Presley Christensen returns to Whiskey Creek after a two-year absence to open a yoga and massage studio. Her sister Cheyenne, married to Aaron’s brother Dylan, had told her that Aaron would be gone, moved away with his new shop. Yet here he was, in the same bookstore, where she waited for local author Ted Dixon’s autograph.

Even after two years, Presley can’t forget Aaron or the feelings she had for him in the past. Now he’s just a few feet away and the fireworks are igniting.

Novak explores issues of truth and deception in her new sexy romance novel. Familiar community members move through the story, but first time readers won’t suffer since each is well-identified when he or she appears for the first time. Likewise, the landmarks in the town receive a brief description as to relevance in the story. Novak possesses a gift for series books, never boring returning readers but giving new ones the information they need to remain grounded in the story.

As the thorny problems caused by secrets among friends and family members begin to emerge, Novak shares convincing emotions and motivations for their actions. She doesn’t resort to easy solutions. Instead, her characters face the consequences of their decisions and work through the problems to satisfying resolutions for the reader.

Her appreciation of Foothills country comes through as she moves her characters through the beautiful yet potentially dangerous terrain. She weaves a tight story of human weakness and longing, with cross threads of passion and hope. One needn’t wonder why Novak is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Just read “Come Home to Me.” The proof is in the volume.

“Come Home to Me” by Brenda Novak

Published by Harlequin MIRA

Available in both print and electronic form

Disclaimer: This review is based on a review copy provided by the author or publisher with no restrictions as to content. All opinions are my own.

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