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Breckenridge Brewery SummerBright Ale

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Breckenridge Brewery SummerBright Ale


Nothing brightens up a summer day quite like a crisp refreshing ale from the beautiful state of Colorado. With so many great beers to sample how could one ever choose what’s right for that weekend in the sun? Breckenridge Brewery has brought the offering of a 4.5% ABV creature named SummerBright Ale that looks, sounds and tastes to be a top contender on the wish list of summer time brews. With its addition of orange and lemon peels to the brewing process it might be hard to resist the seduction of this summertime romance.


SummerBright pours a clear light golden color that glistens in the sun sporting a white carbonated head that slowly bubbles down.


So mellow and relaxing just like a clear summer day spent in a peaceful meadow with best of friends. Grassy hop notes swirl the air as light citrus notes carry this beer with character and a joyous personality encouraging all in it company to have a great time.


A great wheat beer type flavor that is complimented with a light grain maltiness. Making SummerBright ever so refreshing is the fresh taste of orange and lemon peels whose citrus notes brighten up the mild bitterness of the grassy hops shocking the muscles into a smiling spasm.

Mouth Feel:

As the mood of summer goes this brew is light in body with a spectacular crispness all the way through. A medium carbonation carries the beer to a slight dry finish making the beer very refreshing and the mouth begging for more.


Summer days should never be spoiled by the disappointment of a non refreshing brew. SummerBright holds all the qualification that might be on the list of must have qualities list for that kicked back event planned on a sunny day. Even if the rain clouds come SummerBright without question can give back that feeling of the season and brighten the smile of all those near.




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