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Breakfast at the Miss Woo-fun, food and history in Worcester!

The Miss Worcester Diner is a renowned breakfast and lunch spot in Worcester.
The Miss Worcester Diner is a renowned breakfast and lunch spot in Worcester.
Richard Morchoe

Miss Worcester Diner


Everybody tells you about the Miss Woo Diner. Never had I gone and would not have yet had a friend who was doing some location scouting for an upcoming movie not given it fulsome praise. He waxed poetic about the BBQ chicken cheese and bacon omelet. I respect your man for his knowledge of filmmaking, but did he know about diner food?

The Miss Worcester Diner
Richard Morchoe

Miss Woo actually stands for the Miss Worcester Diner and is located in the city it is named after. On the National Register of Historic Places, there is much history about the place and the company that made it.

There is evidence that the diner as an institution got its start in Wormtown. The manufacturer, the Worcester Lunch Car Company, built the Miss Woo across the street and even used it to show potential buyers what the company product looked like in action.

We’re here to discuss the food. It was time to find out if my friend knew what he was talking about. I walked in one morning and ordered the Everything Omelet after asking for a glass of orange juice.

Before ordering, the waitress offered me the local paper. The day before it had been put up for sale. It’s not a bad rag, and in another aspect of my life, I’m a print guy, so I happily read it.

From my counter seat, it was easy to watch the cook at work. She deftly broke and cooked the eggs and folded “everything” in. It was not long before my order arrived, wheat toast and all.

They do make a good omelet. The bacon, sausage and ham with some veggies mixed in and cheese was well made.

The first test was passed. Man, however does not live by omelet alone. I would come again with reinforcements.

Today we arrived with appetites at the ready. Being a Sunday, and past what we thought would be an early rush, there was no anticipation of a crowd. We barely got in the door and had to wait. Oh well, a crowd augurs well for the quality of the fare.

The four of us took the booth that became available in our turn. The waitress cleaned the table, brought silverware and asked what we’d like to drink in what seemed like nanoseconds. The coffee, OJ, chocolate milk and water arrived posthaste. The menu has no dearth of breakfast suggestions, but hunger led to quick decisions.

Ciarán’s Boston Cream French Toast arrived. It had ample custard and chocolate. The Vegetarian Omelet Robin ordered had tomato, broccoli, spinach, onion and green pepper. The only animal product was cheese. Normally a carnivore, she was more than satisfied with her suggestion.

Melissa’s scrambled eggs, home fries and toast was basic, but no complaints.

No eggs for me today. The menu suggests you look on the board for the designer pancakes. I did not see the Pina Colada Pancakes, but asked and received with a side of sausage. They were topped with butter, pineapple, whipped cream, coconut and a cherry. I probably should not have poured on the syrup, but resistance was futile.

It was more than enough to eat for under $40, and a fine breakfast. We left thinking, let’s do lunch.

The Miss Woo is at 302 Southbridge Street in Worcester, Massachusetts. It is opens weekdays 5:00 a.m., and weekends at 6:00. Closing time is 2:00 p.m.

The facebook page is here.