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See also:, the digital billboard and link shortener service launched this week


A few weeks ago at TechCrunch Disrupt, former Google and Ning engineers showcased, a personalized digital billboard to promote brands and interests. followers see a billboard when they click on links using's link shortener service. Then after five seconds, the page will automatically redirect to the target link.

Previously in private beta, sample early adopters include entrepreneurs, philanthropists, musicians, celebrities and bloggers such as Houston Herald and 50 Cent. And now is available for free to anyone, making promoting your favorite brands and interests simple plus effective.

Set up only takes 3 steps:

Step 1: Login to and create your personal billboard by uploading an image and writing a customized message. turns your image and message into a full-page banner for you, maximizing your billboard’s effectiveness.

Step 2: Shorten any link you want to share using as your link shortener.

Step 3: Share your links on social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter

There are three things you can do on, toast and follow.

· To “” a link is to shorten and share a link with your audience.

· To “toast” is to create a digital billboard by making a personalized recommendation for a cause or brand.

· To follow someone is to subscribe to their Toasts and links on the site.

For more information, visit, read the blog


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