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Bravolink Tablet Case with Keyboard: Cover your tablet in style

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Bravolink Tablet Case with Keyboard


Bravolink products came to my attention as I was reviewing the ADATA Wireless Charging Pad. Not only do they offer wireless charging receivers that work with the Qi specifications, but they also have a variety of computer accessories that will make your work easier and possibly more fun. Their portfolio style Tablet Case with a built-in keyboard is a perfect example.

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Available in 5 colors, Black, Pink, Red, Blue, or White, the case has a fabric cover with tiny diamond pattern of black and blue or one of the other colors. The interior 'PU Leather' material will be that same accent color with a black keyboard. The case is held closed with a magnet concealed in a closure strap of that same accent color. Another nice feature is the stand attachment that will hold the tablet in a comfortable reading or work position. The stand is also covered in the accent color and is held against the back of the case with a hidden magnet until needed.

The case will accommodate up to a 9" tablet with a width of no more than 6". The clever design has 3 tabs that hold the tablet in place. The top tab is spring-loaded to adjust to the width of the tablet inserted in the case. The tablet is held securely in the case in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This is a huge improvement over generic cases that utilize an elastic band at each corner to hold the tablet rather loosely in place..

Unlike many tablet cases with built-in keyboards that come with a full-sized type A cable which requires an additional adapter, the Bravolink case comes with a micro-USB cable that will plug directly into most modern tablets. The cable length is adequate to plug into the tablet's power port without a huge surplus of extra cable to be tucked out of the way,

The keyboard is a fairly standard layout with 80 keys. Function Keys range from F1 to F12. There are standard number keys across the row beneath the Function keys as well as a Numpad that can be activated by pressing the blue Numlock key. The Fn key, highlighted in red, activates the Scroll Lock, Sleep. Page Up, Page Down, Home and End functions as well as the F11 and F12 which share the F1 and F2 keys. When the Numlock, Scroll Lock and Caps Lock keys are activated, a light comes on for each, just as it does with a standard keyboard. The keys are sized as large as those on my notebook but are arranged with little space between keys. It is a compact design but still comfortable for typing while adding very little to the weight of the tablet.


  • Micro USB Keyboard PU Leather Cover Case with built-in stand
  • Fits up to a 9" tablet PC
  • The tablet must be OTG compatible
  • Available in Black, Pink, Red, Blue, or White
  • Dimensions: 9.6" x 7.2 x 1.8"
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces

The Bravolink Tablet Case with Keyboard is well made and attractive with a look that belies a bargain price below $20. The cover fits my 8" Nextbook tablet perfectly and the keyboard works as expected. Typing a long web address is no longer a chore with a physical keyboard. I particularly like the patterned external cover with the interior leather-look material in the contrasting color. This tablet cover and keyboard will serve you well at work school or anywhere else where style and function are important. All colors are available on Amazon with prices ranging from $9 to $13.