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Bravely Default in a Paragraph

Where fairies dare...y.
Where fairies dare...y.Silicon Studio

Bravely Default


Let's not mince words: Bravely Default is a classic-style Final Fantasy game in everything but name, a variation on FFV or Four Heroes of Light to be more specific. The job system may be considerably more robust with the addition of passive abilities and the titular Brave Point mechanic gives you a much greater degree of control over the rhythm of a fight, but at its core this is the same twenty-year-old game, warts and all. Of course, evocative of classic turn-based combat as the game intends to be in the first place, old flaws can be seen as much as features as they are flaws depending on your point of view, so potential enjoyment has a lot to do with you personal level of nostalgia for such things if not general tolerance. Helpful and harmful tweaks made to the original formula end up roughly equaling out, so the question comes back to the thesis statement: Did you enjoy FFV or does its general concept interest you? If so, this is as viable a reason to invest in a 3DS as any.