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Brad Paisley ‘Moonshine in the Trunk’ album review

Brad Paisley Moonshine in the Trunk album


Rock, pop, country, metal; it’s near impossible to be liked across most genres of music but there are a few artists that have likability, appeal, and a little something for every kind of music fan. Brad Paisley’s new album Moonshine in the Trunk has the cross-genre allure, showcasing fun music, monster guitar solos and riffs, danceable beats and grooves, and the signature songwriting and twang of down-home country.

Brad Paisley Moonshine in the Trunk album cover

Paisley made some waves with his last album Wheelhouse, tackling hefty issues such as domestic violence and heartbreak, and with the controversial duet with L.L. Cool J on “Accidental Racist”, stirred a firestorm of backlash. Getting back into his own wheelhouse, Paisley’s Moonshine in the Trunk brings the fun and humor back into his music.

“Crushin’ It” kicks the album off, an obvious ode to crushing beer cans, followed by the single “River Bank”, a play on words with lyrics I’ll be laughing all the way to the river bank, with both songs setting the tone and ride you are about to experience on the album. Other party highlights include “High Life”, with some help from friend Carrie Underwood, the highly fueled title track, and making sure the celebrating doesn’t stop with “Limes”. Of course Paisley slips in a love song with the ballad “Perfect Storm”, and “Shattered Glass” about female empowerment from the male point of view, a father to a daughter about not letting anything get in her way and to encourage breaking the glass ceiling.

The album closer is the song “Me and Jesus”, a gospel song by Tom T. Hall, and the song which Paisley performed at country legend George Jones’ funeral last year. Paisley delivers a heartfelt rendition for the album, acting as a cool-down from the party-hard work out of the rest of the album.

Moonshine in the Trunk delivers good vibes, fun times, and party anthems galore, a definite must for any Paisley fan, and an album to keep the summertime atmosphere going all year long.