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Boy Hits Car unleashes All That Led Us Here

All That Led Us Here by Boy Hits Car


It has been awhile since I talked about Boy Hits Car (2012 article and interview) and their ‘lovecore’ affect they have with the fans, but the love has returned with a new album, “All That Led Us Here.” It is eleven songs of that trademark Boy Hits Car nest of infectious sounds, irresistible grooves, and pure music from the souls of some of the coolest dudes on the planet.

Boy Hits Car new
Jillian Lane
Boy Hits Car new album art
Boy Hits Car

Bassist Bill Gower, who may just be the coolest cat in Cali, graciously sent it over for me to check out a couple of weeks ahead of the May 2nd release date. The band does not disappoint, as this album is without a doubt their best yet. Full of that energetic jump inducing rock sound that has made these guys fan favorites. Who can forget that 70+ foot dive off the very top of the stage or the energy of the video “Dreams (of Foreign Metabolic Circumstance)"? Or their song “Love, Fury, Passion, Energy” used by now Hall of Fame WWE Diva Lita during her entrance?

All That Led Us Here” charges right out of the gate with “Silhouettes Fade” this tune has all the ingredients that have endeared them to the fans and created such a raucous live show. Boy Hits Car always has that feeling to the music that something is just on the edge of exploding into a star shower. Vocalist/12-string/Wildman Cregg Rondell is yet again driving the car with a style unmatched by anyone. His powerful voice is as unique as the band is as a whole, and that is what makes Boy Hits Car so damn good. People can head bang and ‘pit’ to the music while the girls will be grooving, dancing, and getting pushed on by the hip-warming beats. You take your girl to one of these shows and it is going to end on a good note.

Boy Hits Car is:

  • Cregg Rondell - Vocals/12 string
  • Bill Gower - Bass
  • Mike Bartak - Guitar
  • N/A TBA- Drums

All That Led Us Here tracklist:

  1. Silhouettes Fade
  2. Battles Of The Heart
  3. Anxious But Gradual Rhythms
  4. Quiet Storm
  5. The Extremist(Do You Feel Me On This)
  6. Ocean Equation
  7. Come On
  8. Ourglass(As Time Slips Away)
  9. What’s On Your Mind(Pure Energy)
  10. Can’t Run From Yourself
  11. Daregveda

For those in the know, the band is passionate about the fans and the music that they self-describe as “passionately heavy music infused with a world beat/middle eastern flavor.” That is heard in the track “Daregveda” with some chants, wild moans, a flute (or something), and some heavy music all blended like nothing you have ever heard. To be honest, there is not one weak track on this album. Every single track has the very essence of what we all love about Boy Hits Car. This one is a ‘must have’ and merits album of the year consideration.

Go get it at:

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