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BOWL’D BBQ- Korean Stone Grill in Oakland

Korean restaurant


We’ve enjoyed dining in the North Oakland‘s Temescal neighborhood for many years and watching the dining scene blossom. There are all types of restaurants and we get excited when new one’s open. BOWL’D BBQ- Korean Stone Grill recently opened and offers meats, fish and vegetables as well as Gluten Free and Vegan options, all made using their Korean Family Recipes. You can try Stews, Rice Dishes and Hot Stone Grill where you prepare your own food at your table utilizing an individual stone grill. The spicy and citrus sauces are House made and ingredients are local when available. The menu has pictures of the food which actually helped us make our choices.
The Décor is modern and quite pleasant and we always appreciate when there are candles on the tables for atmosphere. On one wall there is a striking Korean Mural by David Kim that lights up the whole restaurant and there are large windows for people watching on Telegraph Avenue which is always quite active.
BOWL’D BBQ’s beverage service includes teas, soft drinks, beer, wine, Saki and Soju. We ordered Hot Saki and Korea’s Chamisul Classic Soju. Most might not know that Soju is distilled like vodka, made with rice, barley and sweet potato and is the largest selling alcohol beverage in the world and Korea’s most popular drink.
We started with a few of their Small Plates which were both wonderful and very generous portions. We loved both the lightly Pan Fried Oysters in egg batter and the tasty Seafood Pancakes made with shrimp, calamari, mussels and scallions.

The Entrees came with a variety of kim chi and other Korean vegetables and tofu to accompany your meal. The small dishes made a beautiful display on the table and we really enjoyed all the variety they provided. It was really fun! Speaking of fun...we really enjoyed grilling our own Steak on the Hot Stone Grill BBQ. We cooked the steak rare like we enjoy it. We also tried adding some of the spicy vegetables on the grill which we put on the steak. It turned out to be a great idea...and wonderfully creative. The Spicy Beef Stew Entrée with shredded beef brisket, bean sprouts, glass noodles, green onions and eggs was also amazing and nice and spicy! The Stew was pictured on the menu which helped us with our decision. This was a really hearty portion which we also enjoyed the next day! We opted to have Cinnamon Persimmon and Ginger Teas to finish our meal.

BOWL’D BBQ- Korean Stone Grill is a great addition to the Temescal dining scene. We enjoyed the tasty, healthy Korean Cuisine. Preparing our own steak was quite fun! We are looking forward to returning soon to try some of their other dishes for lunch or dinner.

BOWL’D BBQ- Korean Stone Grill
4869 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA. 94609

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