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Bounce Boat featuring Capital Cities, Brenmar, Solidisco and more

The scene from Bounce Boat featuring Capital Cities, Brenmar, Soldisco and more on 7/25/2014.
The scene from Bounce Boat featuring Capital Cities, Brenmar, Soldisco and more on 7/25/2014.Hillary Cutter

Bounce Boat


This past Friday concluded the world's premiere dance cruise, Bounce Boat Summer July 2014 tour, featuring the world's elite DJs and talent. The highly anticipated July tour past lineup included: Just Blaze, Minnesota, Willy Joy, Buku, Mike Hawkins, Designer Drugs. This weekend was no different with 200+ who attended this Friday's finale featuring DJ sets by Capital Cities, Solidisco and Brenmar.

Capital Cities DJ set via Bounce Boat (7/25/14)
Capital Cities DJ set via Bounce Boat (7/25/14)Hillary Cutter

If you're seeking an escape from New York's cliche nightclub scene of long lines, ridiculously priced drinks and obnoxious exclusivity, Bounce Boat is the solution for you! Enter the luxury, Hornblower Infinity, featuring three tiers with a sky deck, a powerful sound system and various amenities - but's that's only the beginning. Once you enter Bounce Boat, there's no turning back and obviously why would you want to turn back? Once the boat takes off across the Hudson, you have no choice but to dance. From the free-spirited, diverse crowd, the music and the amazing view of New York's greatest landmarks in a nutshell. In addition, when it comes to the music, there's something for everyone, from old school dance classics, deep house, techno, hip hop, pop - there's definitely options.

Speaking of options, one of the perks besides the spacious room of the Hornblower Infinity is having two different rooms with two different DJs for your listening pleasure. You step into one room and a old-school, Sean Paul, reggae jam is playing and then you step into the other room adjacent and a sick, mash-up of Daft Punk is blasting. Bounce Boat does not disappoint at keeping the energy at the ultimate high for the duration of the event, a total of four hours, as well as, the crowd, of course. The crowd, a diverse mix of young professionals, music enthusiasts, and people who just want to have a damned good time. To sum it up, the Bounce Boat experience goes hand and hand with the phrase, "If you're not having fun, then it's your own fault."

Bounce Boat (Bounce Boat Media Group) has a lot more surprises in store for the duration the Summer 2014. For more information, tickets, and more visit the official site, Facebook and Twitter of Bounce Boat.