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Bossiie's Tjovitjo EP Review

Bossiie's Tjovitjo EP


Bossiie is a South African native rapper whose sound is polished and sassy. On her EP, Tjovitjo, which includes five cuts, "Hero," "TIP," and "Tjovitjo" as well as the clean versions of the latter two, displays her lyrical style - a combination of rhymes mixed with beats that highlight and stress the message she is conveying.

Bossiie - Tjovitjo EP

"Hero" begins the EP, and the smoothest cut of the three, where Bossiie raps and sings about how she is looking for a savior. "TIP" bumps through the speakers. The title cut, the shortest of the three individual songs, is the takeaway from EP and where Bossiie unloads her impressive skill for rhyming. Referred to as the 'Whistle Song,' it is reminiscent of a Missy Elliot beat. The only problem with the song is that once it starts, you'll want it to be longer.

Bossiie has worked with a variety of production companies and works for BBC in London. Taking her inspiration from Timbaland and Missy predominantly, and starting rapping, singing and dancing at the age of 6, once Bossiie unleashes this EP on the world, it will be only a matter of time before she has everyone whistling along with her.

Final Grade: A

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