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'Borgman' lets evil into your heart



First, she lets a vagrant into her beautiful abode. Then, she lets the homeless stranger stay even though her husband forbids it. Followed by nightmares that seem to tell of a malevolent presence that has infiltrated her household.

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Drafthouse Films

She believes that her and her family will be visited upon by hardship because they are fortunate when others similar to her have so little. From there things only get weirder as the family descends into madness. Finally, she lets him into her heart, despite all that she has to lose. As if it is a game.

So goes the set-up to the twisted Dutch Thriller, called "Borgman". A diabolical tale of how evil might come calling. It's sure to make an appearance later this year (it premieres in N.Y. and L.A. theaters starting May 9th) from distribution stalwart Drafthouse Films.

A metaphorical movie about how inviting the devil in corrupts everything, even those you love. A corruption so strong, so cold, so calculating, that it draws in even the most innocent. Almost business-like. An organized demon, along with a cult of shape-shifting minions, all of whom will lay waste to whomever or whatever ends up in their paths.

But, just like evil, this Cannes festival favorite also has it charms. That being lead Jan Bijvoet as the devil himself and his steely blue eyes. Full of menace when he wants something done and easy as a sunshiny day when he regales the story of Lucifer's fall from grace.

You know that Writer and Director Alex van Warmerdam has a firm grasp of this murky but, masterful material when he casts himself as the heaviest of a gang of heavies. Watch out for "Borgman", a film for movie lovers of sinful melodrama with wicked intentions.

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