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'Boredom' DVD Review

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So here you have it, a documentary on the subject of boredom. Albert Nerenberg the director of other documentaries titled 'Stupidity' and 'Laughology' brings us one on the subject of 'Boredom'. Now if you look at some statistics like the fact that the mortality rate is 40% higher for people working in boring jobs. So yes a look at boredom may be called for. What really is boredom? Is it a disease ? Can it be like depression and you should fight against it with pills or possibly with a visit to the shrink. So let's take a quick look at boredom.

No one has ever really taken a look at boredom and its effects on us. Some may come out and state that boredom could be a side effect of stress, a release mechanism. Take for instance, the response of people and their reactions to a simple action. For instance, when people riot there are times that a small action provoked a person to incite others to follow suit and then you have a full blown riot on your hands. The documentary looks at the riots in London back in 2011. Now they were started over political reasons but in the end it was concluded that the mass of people involved were simply bored. You could possibly say that for all major riots. Most people just get caught up by the moment and the next thing you have is utter chaos.

The documentary will take you to the Boring Institute which can I say is a trip. Questions will be asked and some if the answers may surprise you while you are there. Look this is a comical approach to a serious topic. I'm a teacher by trade and I can tell you from first hand experience that most children are bored when they are in school and if a teacher can be made aware of this topic of boredom it could help down the line.

TDC Entertainment brings us this DVD on 'Boredom' August 12, 2014. The quality of the DVD is excellent. The topic may be off the wall but when your done watching you will be enlightened in ways you never thought possible on the topic of boredom. This is one for the personal vault because when your bored some Sunday afternoon you could be entertained by 'Boredom' the documentary.