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Boppy Pillow Review

Boppy Pillow

boppy pillow


Deciding what to buy for your newborn can be tricky. There are so many options of things to buy. Are you torn on weather you need a Boppy Pillow or not? There are a few deciding factors when it comes to buying anything for your baby.

Boppy Pillows are perfect for breastfeeding mothers. It makes feeding your baby easier since you can rest them on the pillow while they eat instead of holding them up the whole time with your arms. Especially when your child is brand spankin' new they can feed for 20-30 minutes per breast and eat as often as every hour for the first few weeks. Once your child starts doing tummy time it's a great way to help prop them up and help them with there range of motion.

There is many different patterns and pillow cases you can buy for your Boppy Pillow. Having a girl? They have pink ones, floral ones, patterns with butterflies and more. Having a boy? There are blue ones, ones with cars and trucks on them, Frogs all over some of them even. Plus you can change out your pillow case if you want a variety of patterns.

With both of my children I had a Boppy Pillow. With my first I used the pillow until he was about a year and a half old. I would use it for feeding, propping him up as he got older, and when he was one he would use it to relax in or even take a nap on. With my second son he has been using it for about 9 months now and I couldn't image not having one! They are extremely helpful.

I would recommend these pillows to everyone! Even if your not breastfeeding they are a great way to help your child learn to sit up as you can place it around them when they are playing on the floor. Boppy Pillows aren't too expensive either, they can be found at all stores that carry baby products.