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Bookworm Review

Book "15 Secnds"


15 Seconds
Author: Andrew Gross
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Copyright: 2012

Could fifteen seconds change your life?

This actually happen to Andrew Gross, he was on a book tour in Houston. Mr. Gross was pulled out of the car, hand cuffed and thrown into the back of a police car (his words). Now we know where ideas come from for books.

This is an incredible story from page one. Dr. Henry Steadman is heading to a doctor convention in Ft Lauderdale when he was stopped; hand cuffed and thrown into a police car making sure his head did not get hit when entering the car. Police cars came from all directions; he was threatened, but finally released. He walked back to his car, looked in the side mirror as a blue car pulled up and the police officer is shot. Dr. Steadman jumps out and runs back to the officer, but he was already dead.

Dr. Steadman does a stupid thing; he follows the car, calls 911 to inform them that he is following the blue car and he is told to return to the scene of the crime, but does he? Fifteen seconds has changed his life. He is on the run.

You’ll read this book from cover to cover without putting it down, it’s that good.

This is Mr. Gross best book to date. It puts him in league with Paterson, McConnolly, and Knootz. This reader can’t wait for another book from this author.

Bookworm rating of five stars,



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