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Bookworm Review




Author: Catherine McKenzie

Publisher: William Morrow

An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

On line dating services, we have all heard of them, but what if there is another way. The very unique way of finding your mate, the way they do it in other countries. Would you try it?

Anne Blythe has a problem; her fourth relationship has just ended. What’s wrong with her? She knew it was coming, she had already found an apartment, before she was kick-out. At least she did not have to depend on friends for room and board. Her brother, Gilbert, had it all together. Her best friend, Sarah knew who she wanted to be with – Mike, Why couldn’t she find that special someone?

Anne sees and picks up a business card on the sidewalk, Blythe & Company, Arrangements Made, an omen maybe? She didn’t believe in signs, but she pockets the card anyway.

Sarah tells Anne that her and Mike are getting married, Anne is a little jealous, but happy for her friend. But why can’t she find someone? She looks at the Blythe & Company’s card, why not people use dating services all the time? She calls and makes an appointment. Boy is she surprised – this is not a dating service, but a service for arranged marrages. She thinks; why not dating is not working out. The service is expensive, but would you want an inexpensive service finding you a husband?

Anne makes the first payment, she fills out the questionnaire, she makes the next payment, takes the psychological assessment test, and finally she meets Dr Szwick. She has six months of visits and then they let her know they have a match. He is an eight out of ten points. Is Anne ready to fly off to Mexico; is she ready to be married in six days? Can she really do this? Could you do this?

Arranged by Catherine McKenzie provides a topic for those lazy days by the pool, meeting with friends, and understanding that becoming friends before falling in love is the most important step you can make.

Good reading,



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