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Booking Band Gigs from The Palm of Your Hand

Booking from Anywhere, Anytime.
Booking from Anywhere, Anytime.
Davide Cardea

Band on Tour band booking application


It's not everyday that I would write an article or review over an application or software used by bands, as opposed to a venue or band. But, I have to spread the word about this one. Recently, while perusing the app store on my iPhone, and looking for anything band or music related, I stumbled upon 'Band on Tour'. Now, this application has been one of my secret weapons in booking bands, but I would be remiss to withhold this little gem from bands looking for an edge.

Being in the music business and using any technology that I can to ease my pain of booking shows for my clients, I was immediately intrigued. According to their Facebook page, "Band on Tour" is an iOS app to help your band or promoters booking worldwide tours.

Packed with a huge-everyday-growing list of clubs all around the world (over 3k at publication time), is complete of emails, phone numbers and websites in addition to club details. This clubs are placed right on a world map so that you can easily draw and plan your tour and fill it up with day offs or personal contacts as you need.

"We have been booking gigs around the world for a while. It's hard, so we decided to create a tool to make it easy for ourselves. And we like to share it with everybody." says Davide Cardea, the developer, located in Italy.

Davide started working on the app in 2012, since he was working at promoting and booking musical talent in his home of Rome, Italy. Having performed or traveled all over the world with his bands, including here in Cincinnati, Davide was looking to make his tours easier to book and to coordinate. And my opinion, is that he's come up with an affordable app that any band can afford and benefit from. It doesn't matter if you're a small garage band, or on a world tour drawing thousands per gig, you simply need this application.

After downloading the app, I was quickly and easily able to browse through the map (it uses GPS to locate you, if you want) and marks each venue with a blue dot. You can either browse the map (anywhere in the world!) or search by type of venue, music genre or address. Once you select the venue you're interested in, Band on Tour shows you details about the venue such as address, the genres of music played there, capacity (important!), age requirements, telephone number and in most cases, a contact name and email address. Finding a venue here in Cincinnati, I clicked on the email address shown and it automatically opened up my email on the iPhone so I could introduce myself, the band I was representing and even attach a 1-sheet or links to my clients' websites or tracks.

For the band leader, the application allows them to automatically 'Add to My Tour'. You also have the ability to add a private contact and add a day off from your tour. Once you added several venues to your tour, Band on Tour shows your to you, as way points. Needless to say, I played with the app for quite awhile, although I was easily navigating it within 10 minutes. Actually, more like 5 minutes.

During my many discussions with the developer, Davide, he stated that they are constantly adding new updates for venues around the world. So many, in fact, that Davide is releasing an update in which the venues will be contained in clusters in various geographical locations around the world. At the time of this article, when you open the app, you see literally hundreds and hundreds of blue dots all around the United States. There are so many venues listed that it actually caused iPhone to crash, at first, but Davide quickly fixed this in an update. An update is just days away from having these 'clusters' on the map around the globe, so now you can just click on a cluster that shows how many venues it contains, and it immediately expands and shows all of the venues. This allows your iPhone or iPad to easily contain the thousands of listed venues.

I knew when I started using this, that it was worth not just a shout-out, but a blast-out to the world as supporting local music is deep within me and should be to everyone who loves music.

Davide and his staff have many new features planned and rolling out soon, including thousands more venues.

So, don't just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself by clicking on any of the links here and be sure to 'Like' their Facebook page and let them know of any capabilities you'd like to see in Band on Tour.

Their Facebook page is at

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