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Book review: up your game by david r bradford

David Bradford at his book launch
David Bradford at his book launch
David L. Bradford

up your game 6 timeless principles for networking your way to the top


I have spent hours and hours at networking events, meetings, and uncomfortable workshops. Not to say that I’m the perfect socializer by any means; I just don’t intuitively know how best to network and meet new people as my authentic self, but still come away with a valuable business connection. It can be confusing, frustrating, and downright boring. Especially when mixed with the fact that I share the same religion with many of the people I’m meeting and connecting with.

I decided to do something about this situation; so naturally I picked up a good book. And here’s my review of said book, with some witty anecdotes and quotes added for good measure.

In the sea of thrown-together, stereotypical networking advice books, David Bradford’s Up Your Game stands out like a beacon. This book is not the result of trite 10-step recipes or unstudied observations. Instead, its source material comes from someone who is arguably one of the most connected humans on planet Earth. In his book, Bradford shares with us his six "UP Principles" - the very same strategies he attributes to his tremendous success.

Over the last few decades, networking has devolved into an endless series of cattle call events full of open bars and closed fists. Perfect strangers, after a long day at the office, agree to show up and bump into each other, randomly exchanging business pitches for business cards.

Needless to say, traditional networking isn’t working anymore. For successful 21st century business people, large networking events and the mountains of business cards they produce have become a waste of time and valuable resources. It's time for a new, modern approach to networking.

“I count David Bradford as one of my longest standing friends and one of my most worthwhile connections,” said Steve Young, NFL Hall of Fame. “For anyone who wants to accelerate their own move to the top of their business game and to build more and deeper personal relationships, UP Your Game is the answer.”

You will learn how to:
Become the Ultimate Connector
Become the Ultimate Resource
Identify and develop relationships with world-class professionals
Enhance the value you deliver for your best clients
Position yourself for more quality introductions to ideal prospective clients

Once you implement the networking strategies in this book, the quality of your clients, your business, and your life will improve dramatically.
For anyone searching for their first or next job, for salespeople who want to meet quota regularly and for mid-level managers who want to work up to the top tier, this book is a practical guide to networking woven together with intriguing real-world stories. No matter where readers stand in their ability to make meaningful connections, Bradford’s six “UP Principles” can show them how to network effectively for personal and business success.
Up Your Game can turn an ordinary career into an extraordinary journey to networking success. The journey is a highly individual one, and Up Your Game will inspire and guide you in the processes of finding your own path to exceptional results.

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