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Book Review - 'The Road to Nyn' by Brian G. Michaud

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Brian G. Michaud

The Road to Nyn


The Sword of the Dragon's Flame can slaughter any foe. The Gauntlets of Might imbue the wearer with indomitable strength. The Helm of Truth reads the thoughts of friend and enemy alike. Ancient magical artifacts that according to lore are the only things that can defeat the Lord of Nyn. But not just anyone can use them. Prophecy states that it must be a young boy who is the embodiment of goodness. Everything he does must be for the cause of justice, or his mission will fail, and evil will triumph over the light for generations to come.

It's an awful lot to ask of a newly christened squire, but Kay is no ordinary boy. Magic flows through his veins, even if he doesn't know how to properly channel it just yet. He's a work in progress in more ways than one. But the grizzled wizard, Alamin, knows that ready or not, his protege is going to be put to the test. Time waits for no one. Goblins are advancing upon human settlements, plundering village after village in the kingdom of Gaspar. Someone must rise to challenge this spread of murder and destruction, and Kay's the one destiny has appointed as mankind's champion.

Michaud weaves a tale full of elements that are staples in the fantasy genre from Latin-esque spells reminiscent of HARRY POTTER to a kingdom besieged by internal politics a la GAME OF THRONES. Yet he doesn't get too deep or graphic in his storytelling. He approaches things with a gentle hand. Sure, there are fire-breathing dragons and bridges made of human bones, but he never crosses the line into anything gratuitous or grotesque. Michaud tastefully handles the level of violence and gore, making it appropriate material for readers of all ages.

There's the humorous sidekick for levity. The feisty girl for romance. The no good ruler's son as a rival. It has all the ingredients required for those who like a little make-believe when it comes to action and adventure. Michaud delves into the handbook of the masters from the Brothers Grimm to Aesop and comes up with something all his own.

Part morality tale, part Hollywood blockbuster, THE ROAD TO NYN is a road fantasy lovers will want to travel.