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Book Review - 'Stealing the Moon and Stars' by Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens

Stealing the Moon and Stars


We all want to be seen for who we really are. And boy, does Eddie see Jordan. He knows she's not a girl willing to sit behind a desk all day. She wants to be out in the thick of things, just like him. That's why they make a formidable private investigating team. They're tenacious, hungry to right the wrongs done to innocent, unsuspecting victims. Even when the going gets tough, there's no stopping Jordan from following Eddie out the door even if she's battered and bruised and too sore to move. As they close in on the ones responsible for ripping off a children's cancer charity, Jordan's bound and determined to be there right along with him as they bring the perpetrators to justice. No matter if they try take her out by blowing her up or running her over, nothing's going to stand in her way of returning the stolen money to these sick kids.

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Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens

Except maybe her feelings for Eddie.

You see Jordan's a little gun shy when it comes to romance. She had her heart broken in Paris after falling for the charms of a suave, yet controlling, Frenchman. She's reluctant to lower her defenses and allow herself to get hurt that way again, especially since her and Eddie work so closely together. He comes on strong to make a play for her affections, inviting her out to dinner, buying one of her paintings, taking care of her when she gets injured. You name it. He does it. He's always there at the drop of a hat whenever she needs him. All it takes is one cell phone call, and he's at her side. She starts to depend on him for that and it scares her.

Jordan's okay with investigating a case on her own and gathering clues. But it's Eddie's expertise when it comes to the ins and outs of the criminal landscape, that help her to piece everything together. She knows she'd be lost without him, and that makes her feel uncomfortable. She can't do this job by herself, and that makes her question whether she can get through any aspect of her life without him, either personal or professional. She hates being dependent on him, but their lives are so intertwined now, it's hard to see where one ends and the other begins.

For a girl not looking for anything serious, realizing how close she's getting to Eddie sets off alarm bells inside her head. Jordan knows she should back away, but she can't. She's in too deep now. He has the power to destroy her if he's not careful with her heart, but from every estimation he seems up to the task. He's okay with putting her first. He might be a former mafia hit man and she might be the daughter of one of Chicago's finest families, but together they're able to restore some order to the universe. No matter if they get themselves all hot and bothered in the process.