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Book Review: Shadows Chasing Light by Brian Bowers

Shadows Chasing Light
Shadows Chasing Light
Brian Bowers

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Shadows Chasing Light is a very interesting book of poetry about self-discovery by Brian Bowers. It is an emotional journal of the mind and imagination with endless possibilities about finding peace and happiness despite life’s dramatic twists and turns.

This book is something special, crafted with an abundance of emotions and vivid imagery. There are some sprinkles of love and romance, as well as capturing snapshots of a yearning for happiness and purpose in life.

My favorite poem is The First Touch of Longing. It is an awesome poem with emotional depth that tells about the desire of wanting to be with someone special, but yet knowing that may never be.

Another favorite is a poem called The Truth. It is a short but sweet poem about finding wisdom in the truth and being able to let go.

The illustrations by artist Jasmine Powell were exceptional and are a perfect fit for the book. The editing, was impressive and well put together with the design and layout.

This book was enjoyable as it deeply explores the experiences of life, enlightening the soul and yearning for understanding and depth as it is shared by the author with the reader.

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