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Book review: Predestination not the key to happiness in adult romance

Sometimes the one you are meant to be with isn't the one you need.
Used with permission from Deanna Chase.

'Defining Destiny' by Deanna Chase


Sometimes what is meant for you isn't what is best for you. Deanna Chase explores that concept in the new adult romance "Defining Destiny" where everyone has just one soul mate but that doesn't mean they are a perfect mate. Main character Lucy Moore knows that all too well since her soul mate and fellow musician Cadan Kinx makes her miserable. Thinking she would either be alone forever or subjected to Cadan's selfishness, Lucy meets Seth who changes everything. Will Lucy give in to the unquestionable bond with her soul mate or buck the trend and choose the one who treats her great?

You know a book is good when it ends and you're sad. Not because the book was upsetting or had a somber ending but because you have connected so well with the characters that you hate to see them go. That is how it felt at the ending of "Defining Destiny." The connection made with Lucy, Seth and Jax made it hard to finish. The closer I got to the ending, the slower I read in order to soak up the story and drag it out just a bit longer.

Deanna Chase is known for her paranormal romance and fantasy offerings to the literature world. She is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author. Her works are addictive, fast reads that are easy to get wrapped up in and hard to put down.

If you like paranormal romance or adult romance, "Defining Destiny" is definitely worth reading. The alternate reality within the book where each person has just one soul mate and a special, magical connection with just that one person dances on the edge of paranormal. However it is completely relevant to real-life relationships and how lovers connect with each other. Lucy struggles with great betrayals and tries to get a grasp on her own happiness and life. It is up to her to make the right choice and there's no way to make everyone happy.

The intimate scenes are done well. Chase confronts lovemaking scenes unabashedly and makes us all wish for heat like the attraction between Lucy and Seth. This is a refreshing story that is told with ease. Chase writes a great piece of fiction and "Defining Destiny" is a recommended read.