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Book Review: Polygamy In Islaam by Dr. Bilal Philips and Jameelah Jones

Written by renowned scholar Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips and Jameelah Jones.
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Book, "Polygamy In Islaam"


Live with them (women) in kindness and equity
Surah An-Nisaa 4:19

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips and Jameelah Jones have collaborated to provide a very well-researched work on polygamy in their book entitled Polygamy In Islaam. This book utilizes the Qur’an and Sunnah to explain the restrictions and requirements involved when practicing polygamy. The authors have taken a very controversial and often misunderstood topic and have compiled a book that, in four easy to read chapters, covers enough information to leave the reader well informed without creating the mental overload of too much information at once for those learning about polygamy for the first time.

Polygamy in Islam incorporates the Holy Qur’an, the hadeeth, history and modern statistics to argue in favor of the practice, significance, and in some cases, the necessity of polygamy as a remedy to several of the social ills plaguing the modern world today. In addition to this, they have included a complete bibliography and an appendix of the hadeeth cited in the book; such tools can be very useful in performing dawah or explaining polygamy to others that may be interested in learning more about it.

The major topics covered in the book are institutional monogamy, marriage in Islam, polygamy and division in plural marriages. The chapter on institutional monogamy uncovers the history behind monogamy as it is practiced in the West today and addresses many of the arguments of the opponents to polygamy.

The chapters on marriage in Islam and polygamy provide several Qur’anic ayat and hadeeth to paint a full picture of what marriage entails according to the standards of Islam and takes the time to define the distinctions between the roles and responsibilities of husbands and wives. And finally, in the chapter on division in plural marriage, details of how households should be run on equitable terms when practicing polygamy are revealed and explained to complete the full spectrum of ideas that were unveiled throughout the book.

I highly recommend the reading of Polygamy in Islaam and in the authors' own words:

"This book is intended to serve not only as a reference guide to those who are already in plural marriage and those contemplating entering such a relationship, but is also intended for those who simply want a more complete picture of marriage in Islaam."

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