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Book review of Ally Condie's dystopian young adult 'Matched'



Dressed in flowing green silk, Cassia slips through the night on a train bound for her Match Banquet, the evening she's been waiting for her whole life. It's the Match Banquet for her best friend Xander, too. She's nervous. He isn't. But that's the way Xander is. He's confident, friendly, and kind—practically perfect. The girl he's matched with will be very lucky. When the matches are created, the Society carefully examines and matches all the data. Your match could be anyone from anywhere in the entire Society, but it will be your perfect match. Your only choice will be whether to marry the person the Society chooses for you, or whether to stay single.

So when Cassia stands up after they've called her name, she's shocked when the large screen doesn't light up with the face of a young man. It stays blank. The odds are entirely against it, but it can only mean one thing. Her match isn't someone from a far-away province. It's someone she already knows.

Ally Condie has created a carefully regulated dystopia in "Matched," the first of her trilogy. The Society seems flawless, but tumultuous currents of rebellion are twisting beneath the smooth surface. The infractions are tiny at first, like a trickle of water, but they gain strength and momentum as more citizens come to realize they have to break the bonds of their choiceless lives. Is perfection too high a price to pay to never be free?

Find "Matched," "Crossed," and "Reached" locally at the following libraries:

Gail Borden Public Library
Bartlett Public Library
Schaumburg Public Library
Poplar Creek Public Library
Batavia Public Library

Publisher: Dutton Books
ISBN: 978-0-525-42364-5
Source of review copy: Gail Borden Public Library

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