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Book review: 'Natural Born Learners' by Beatrice Ekoko

Unschooling and Autonomy in Education
B. Ekoko

Natural Born Learners by Beatrice Ekoko


Natural Born Learners: Unschooling and Autonomy in Education by Beatrice Ekoko is a collection of interviews and articles by many of the best-known and respected voices in the unschooling community, including . Natural Born Learners is a product of the family behind the blog website Radio Free School, a "Tantrum space for people who eschew factory learning in favour of 'open source learning.'"

The book is divided into three sections, basically: 1) What constitutes a learner-centered education, 2) How some families have instituted the approach, and 3) Narratives of learners who grew up this way.

I was one of the lucky readers who picked up a copy during the free Kindle download period. After reading the book, I can say that it's worth purchasing. Even as a long-time unschooler, I learned some things about the [learning without school] movement, plus I got a some inspiration and ideas from the thoughtful authors and interviewees.

Complete list of authors: John Taylor Gatto,Pat Farenga, Satish Kumar,Roland Meighan, Susannah Sheffer, Aaron Falbel, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Gordon Neufeld, Naomi Aldort, Wendy Priesnitz, John. L. Vitale, Jerry Mintz, David Albert, Mary Leue, Grace Llewellyn, Matt Hern, Sandra Dodd, Katharine Houk, Monica Wells Kisura,Brent Cameron, Christine Brabant, Seema Ahluwalia and Carl Boneshirt, Dale Stephens, Kate Cayley, Kate Fridkis, Eli Gerzon, Candra Kennedy, Jessica Claire Barker, Peter Kowalke, Idzie Desmarais, Sean Ritchey, Brenna McBroom, Andrew Gilpin.