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Book Review: Examine Your Faith

Examine Your Faith by Pamela Christian
Pamela Christian

Examine Your Faith


Examine Your Faith by author Pamela Christian is a Christian Apologetic book that attempts to make a case for Christianity in several ways.

The book starts by examining the nature and validity of Faith. The author builds the argument that “faith” is not, as classically understood, a blind belief in something without evidence, but rather confidence in an idea or concept which experience or proof has shown to be reliable.

Having come to this conclusion, the author does a flyover examination of several of the major faith-systems championed by religious groups and cultures across the world. Her examination includes Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age, Secular, Islam, and Christianity.

Having done a quick examination of each system, the author presents real-life stories of people from each background who eventually converted to Christianity and looks at their reasons for doing so.

She looks at various beliefs and perspectives on the nature of Good and Evil, and also how different worldviews understand the person of Jesus. Capping off the examination of how Jesus has been viewed, she presents the biblical view of Jesus, looking at his birth, prophecies about Jesus, and evidences for his resurrection including historical and documentary evidence.

She closes her book by a call to decide on faith rather than remaining ambiguous in one’s beliefs, and suggests that Christianity is the most persuasive, powerful, and explanatory faith.

In her book, Pamela Christian speaks directly to the audience, not hesitating to adopt the first person perspective and share - along with the academic evidence she offers – her personal testimony and struggles.

Christian’s book shows itself to be well-researched on the facts she covers, having extensive references and source materials. In order to make its point regarding the superiority of Christianity to other religions, the book attempts to be a thumbnail of comparative religions. It paints these religions in broad strokes, and is not exactly a textbook cataloging the nuances of the religions it examines, just the more rudimentary facts.

This is potentially problematic, because it would be easy for a person from any one of these religions to respond that her presentation does not reflect their exact beliefs, and is therefore invalid.

In fact, this book does not produce an argument tight or comprehensive enough to persuade a person already deeply entrenched in their existing worldview.

The book gives a presentation more appropriate for a person who has either no interest in religions, or has never formed a firm belief religiously. It would also serve as a basic introduction to Apologetics and World Religions for someone who is already a Christian.

One of the attractive features of the book is that the author speaks directly to her reader with winsome concern; and an appeal to truly examine their faith.

All-in-all, Christian’s book is an interesting read, especially for those unfamiliar with the territory she treads. The personal stories she shares, both from her own life and from the lives of the people she has interviewed concerning their conversion to Christianity from various other belief systems, are engaging and appealing – never stooping to the level of villainizing the competing religions so much as presenting Christianity as more rational and appealing.

This is also seen in her examination of the other belief systems. In the chapters devoted to outlining the practices and beliefs of other religions, Christian keeps her tone neutral and academic rather than biased and judgmental.

If the reader has little experience with rooting out the nature of religion or religious faith, or is looking for an outline of easy-to-grasp arguments for Christianity, Examine Your Faith may be the perfect place to begin this journey.

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