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Book Review: Death by Tartar Sauce

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Travel book: Death by Tartar Sauce


When the title of a travel book is called Death by Tartar Sauce: A Travel Writer Encounters Gargantuan Gators, Irksome Offspring, Murderous Mayonnaise & True Love, you know you're in for a wild ride.

Death by Tartar Sauce: is award-winning travel writer Jules Older's wildest and funniest experiences on the road. There's the insane Hippie Bob Tour in San Francisco, canoeing with gators in Florida, freezing in an unheated tent at 26-below in New Hampshire, and death by tartar sauce in Maryland. There's also true love in the Virgin Islands and misadventures with kids at the Sydney Opera House.

Older's tales take place when traveling alone, with his opera-hating family, and on tour with other travel writers… including the foodie who came close to experiencing Death By Tartar Sauce.

Death by Tartar Sauce: is an ebook, available for $3.99 on Kindle, iTunes, Nook and all other e-platforms.

Check it out, you'll be glad you did!

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