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Book Review - 'Dangerous Past' by A.F. Ebbers

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a.f. ebbers

dangerous past


The dual story lines of this thriller come together like two out of control freight trains on a collision course with one another. The resounding impact creates quite a jolt. Author A.F. Ebbers weaves a compelling narrative of high octane, super charged twists. This action packed suspense novel never lets up. The plot is dynamic and engaging enough to fly through in one sitting.

Ebbers is a writer with a fertile imagination. He seamlessly connects the dots between an execution style murder in the Vietnam War with a plane crash in the present day. The link is his protagonist, commercial airline pilot, Frank Braden. Frank's brother is the one who was killed in the jungle all those years ago, and now the perpetrator is out to silence him, planting a bomb on his aircraft and nearly killing everyone onboard.

The scenes that ensue are pulse pounding as the killer sets Frank in his crosshairs after his first attempt goes awry. He drugs Frank and leaves his vehicle sitting astride a busy set of railroad tracks. He helicopters onto his back lawn to threaten the lives of his children. He kidnaps his wife, a highly respected surgeon, in the middle of her hospital ward. He's a cunning and daring adversary, who always seems to be a step ahead of his prey.

The final showdown between the two is an epic standoff as Frank must battle a raging river in order to save his wife from the clutches of this homicidal maniac, whose sanity slowly starts to unravel when he passes the point of no return. Frank knows the only way out is by taking him down. The final chapters lead to a heart stopping conclusion worthy of such a gripping tale.

Ebbers succeeds in leaving his signature mark on the tried and true suspense genre. He's a promising debut author who certainly leaves readers clamoring for more of his innovative plot devices. He's a daredevil of a writer, willing to take chances, making his brand of adventurous storytelling all the more entertaining and unique.