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'Bonnie And Clyde: An Epic Crime Thriller"

Bonnie and Clyde,


"Bonnie and Clyde" was a big step forward in cinema when it was released in 1967. The film starring; Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, and Gene Hackman is still considered one of the greatest films of all times. With its vivid storytelling, its 10 Academy Award nominations (2 wins) were well deserved. The movie is obviously based off of the infamous couple (Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow) who intrigued and ravaged America during the 1930's (Great Depression Era). Although many facts are omitted and altered,(to help the films continuity) it does not diminish the value.

Bonnie and Clyde movie review

The movie begins as Bonnie Parker (Dunaway) views Clyde Barrow outside her window. Clyde is attempting to steal Bonnie's mothers care. Instead of informing the authorities Bonnie begins to talk to Clyde. Clyde charms Bonnie by manifesting his life as a criminal. Bonnie is immediately intrigued. Once Clyde proves himself by committing a robbery in her presence the two are inseparable. They began robbing banks and stores across the states but the profits are not sufficient. They come across a gas station worker named CW Moss (Michael J. Pollard). Although not very bright CW is not afraid to take on the role as their driver. Later the team is joined by Clyde's brother Buck (Hackman) and Buck's wife Blanche (Estelle Parsons). Bonnie and Blanche clash on both ends. Bonnie thinks Blanche is annoying and not made for the criminal life. Blanche thinks that Bonnie is a bad influence on Buck and how Buck treats her. Bonnie asked Clyde to leave Blanche behind.Clyde has to explain to Bonnie that he cannot turn his back on his family. As they move across the states things become more dangerous. Shootouts with police and the deaths that come along with it are on the arise. At this point there is no turning back. The gang seems to accept their fate but continue their robbing exploits.

While the film is simplistic as a story line, the character development gives the film wings. Bonnie and Clyde's chemistry and relationship is unorthodox but it works. As the films shows Clyde enjoys Bonnie's company, but his romance skills are lacking. Clyde offers to take Bonnie home as they first began their life of crime together. She refuses and continues on with Clyde. To Bonnie, being with Clyde represents excitement that her waitress job did not contain. Interestingly enough, Bonnie and Clyde seem to have no means to an end. They are not going for big score robberies. One would think they would explore options that would allow them to get away from the criminal life, or lay low for some time. The thrill of their illegal activities seems to fuel them. They come off as Robin Hood characters to a degree. There's a bank robbing scene where Clyde tells a civilian to put his money up because they are here to take the banks money. The gang becomes popular as anti heroes that go against the establishment. The film is brilliant and deserves its praise. For those who get a hold of the special edition dvd Warner Brothers has packed it with special features. Among those are.

- Theatrical Trailers

- Revolution! The Making of Bonnie and Clyde, New 40th-Anniversary Commemorative Documentaries

- The History Channel Profile: Love and Death: The Story of Bonnie and Clyde- Warren Beatty Wardrobe Tests
- Additional Scenes.

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