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Bold and endearing story drives moviegoers to God’s Not Dead

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God's Not Dead, the movie


by C. Aaron Russell

In our modern society where Christian stories are generally watered down or riddled with inaccuracies in an attempt to be politically correct and appeal to larger audiences, God’s Not Dead displays an unapologetic Christian viewpoint through relatable characters that audiences can identify with. This film could have easily been ripped from the headlines, as public schools and government institutions attempt to hide God from public view, preferring to confine Him behind closed doors of the church, until some national tragedy warrants calling on Him generically (not by the name Jesus) for a brief time until the media can move on to the next news story.

God’s Not Dead is a typical case of discrimination and prejudice against Christians in America. A nation that was founded on freedom of religion is becoming anything but. The plot follows a university student to class, where he encounters an atheist philosophy professor, not just content to remain in his own non-belief, but determined to impose his own cynical views against religion on all students that take his class. The Christian student is forced into a dilemma, take the easy way out and compromise his beliefs by denying God publicly, or stand up for his religious rights.

What’s unique about this story is that it not only gives our typical Western example of religious discrimination, but also gives us a sneak peak of what Christians from other cultures face, such as those converting from Islam and Communist China, albeit not nearly the full wrath of what they could be subjected to in their own nations.

The boldness and freshness of the story has resonated with underappreciated and underestimated Christian audiences, as indicated in the movie's very strong weekend debut, even though it had a fraction of the advertisement budget and was shown on very few screens compared with its Hollywood big budget competitors. If you appreciate faith-filled entertainment and are looking for an uplifting performance that will recharge your spiritual batteries, go see this one.

C. Aaron Russell—Christian writer, speaker and missionary at Men of Mind. Author of newly released book, Lessons In Faith—learned the hard way.