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Body By Vi Shake Mix

Body By Vi Sweet Cream Flavor Shake Mix


This was the shake that had been touted to " Taste like Cake".

This examiner can honestly say it Does Not taste like cake. It is a sweet cream base, and it taste like Sweet Cream with a funky after taste.

Once you get past the funky after taste, it is not bad.

When it came to getting creative with flavors, I looked to my husband's honey pb, kool-aid stash, into my sample stash for some ovaltine mix, and frozen and fresh fruit.

This examiner used what she had available.

When it came to the nutritional supplement side, this examiner actually saw a greater weight loss, than when she used it for the weight loss side.

Here is the rundown:

June 1st: 236 June 2nd: 235 (-1)

June 2nd: 235 June 3rd: 235.6 (-.6)

June 3rd: 235.6 June 4th: 234.4 (-1.2)

June 4th: 234.4 June 5th: 234 (-.4)

June 5th: 234 June 6th: 233.8 (-.2)

June 6th: 233.8 June 7th: 234.2 (-.4)

Week One Grand Total (Nutritional Supplement Side): -1.8 lbs

June 8th: 233.8 June 9th: 233.6 (-.2)

June 9th: 233.6 June10th: 233.2 (-.4)

June 10th: 233.2 June 11th: 234.6 (+1.4)

June 11th: 234.6 June 12th: 234.6 (0)

June 12th: 234.6 June 13th: 232.4 (-2.2)

June 13th: 232.4 June 14th: 232.2 (-.2)

Week Two Grand Total ( Nutritional Supplement Side): -1.6 lbs

June 15th: 231.6 June 16th: 232.8 (+1.2)

June 16th: 232.8 June 17th: 233.0 (-.2)

June 17th: 233.0 June 18th: 233.0 (0)

June 18th: 233.0 June 19th: 234.6 (+1.6)

June 19th: 234.6 June 20th: 234.2 (-.4)

June 20th: 234.2 June 21st: 233.2 (-1)

Week Three Grand Total ( Weight Loss Side): +1.6

June 22nd: 234.4 June 23rd: 236.8 (+2.4)

June 23rd: 236.8 June 24th: 233.4 (-3.4)

June 24th: 233.4 June 25th: 232.8 (-.6)

June 25th: 232.8 June 26th: 231.4 (-1.4)

June 26th: 231.4 June 27th: 232 (+.6)

June 27th: 232 June 28th: 232 (0)

Week Four Grand Total (Weight Loss Side): -2.4 lbs

June 29th: 231.4 June 30th: 232.8 (+.8)

June 30th: 232.2 July 1st: 233 (+.8)

July 1st: 233 July 2nd: 232 (-1)

July 2nd: 232 July 3rd: 232.4 (+.4)

July 3rd: 232.4 July 4th: 233.8 (+1.4)

July 4th: 233.8 July 5th: 233.2 (-.6)

July 5th: 233.2 July 6th: 234.2 (+1)

Week Five Grand Total ( Weight Loss Side): +2.8 lbs

So, in my honest opinion, this examiner would recommend it more as a nutritional supplement (which one shake a day consumption is recommended) vs a weight loss supplement (which two shakes a day consumption is recommended).

As mentioned before it is not a shake that taste like cake, it is a shake that taste like sweet cream as labeled on the bag, but with a bit of a funky after taste.

Once you get past the funky taste, and remember frozen fruit is a great helper.

When you use the frozen fruit, you won't have to use any ice, and you still get a thickened shake, that is delicious.

Honey Peanut Butter also made a great shake. Both the frozen fruit and PB took the chalky taste out of the mix, that makes the funky after taste.

So, this examiner wants to thank Jackie Patterson for introducing me to the Visalus Sweet Cream Shake Mix, and for contributing to the blog.

If you have the chance stop by Jackie's page to place your order and learn more about Visalus at:

If you are asked who referred you, let her know Nannette Morrison sent you. Have a great evening!

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