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Body Beast Review for Women

Body Beast


Beachbody is well known for their fitness training programs, which are highly rated for producing results. A few years ago the Body Beast program launched with great enthusiasm and the results immediately started pouring in. A lot of loyal Beachbody followers took on the challenge of the Body Beast program and started seeing great results. Basically the program delivers, but like all other Beachbody products, it’s not a magic bullet, you have to be committed to putting the grunt work in and completing the workouts as prescribed. The only negative identified by the multitude of Beachbody's female following was the fact that Body Beast was targeted mostly at men. Well, all that has changed as a recently released promotional Body Beast video is not short on women with fantastic results.

Natalie Nichols get fabulous results with Body Beast

What is Body Beast?

Developed by 2 time “Mr Israel” Sagi Kalev, Body Beast is a workout program that takes a phased approach to getting lean and involves following a prescribed weight training regime. Sagi comes from a military background, from where he developed the discipline it requires to follow a regimented training plan. He brings this belief to form the foundation of the Body Beast program, helping thousands of men, and now women, achieve amazing results while getting the body of their dreams. Men and women obviously have different body training goals, and Body Beast takes this into account. Obtaining an attractive body is the goal for many women and Body Beast allows you to achieve just that, without developing a typical body builder's physique.


What Does Body Beast Involve?

It is a natural question to want to know what a fitness or training program involves before taking it on. If you have used Beachbody products in the past then you have a better understanding of what the programs involve. Body Beast is composed of the following resources:

  • 12 muscle building workouts which will take your muscles to the point of failure, which in turn stimulates new muscles fibre growth
  • A comprehensive eating plan to ensure you are feeding your body with the nutrients it needs for growth
  • Detailed instructions on supplementation to support muscle growth and development
  • Two distinct workout schedules to help you achieve a muscle packing physique or wanting trim and shape up.

The introductory Beast Basics DVD gives an overview of the entire Body Beast system and builds upon the basic moves as well as the other aspects vital to success, supplementation and nutrition. Weights and nutrition also pay a pivotal role and are covered as part of the introduction. The workout DVDs includes training regimes to target specific parts of the body, and well as combination workouts and cardio DVDs. The workouts are an average of 40 minutes long, which is the ideal duration for any body workout session. Beachbody even developed a Body Beast Challenge Pack which combines (at a big discount) the Body Beast program with a free months Club Membership and 30 day's of Shakeology.

Benefits of Body Beast

The benefits of embarking on the Body Beast workout program are two fold, physical and psychological. You will also get a FREE Beachbody Coach to help you with your program. Following the Body Beast program for the full 90 days will transform your body's appearance. The program works on your entire body muscles, resulting in fully defined abs, triceps, biceps and well as leg and thigh muscles. The women's program will also result in a firmer bum, thinner waist and a much reduced body fat content. In a nutshell Body Beast will give you the following results:

  • Firmer butt and thighs
  • sculptured curves and thin waist
  • Defined abs and back muscle strengthening
  • Sexy body and enhanced body image
  • Increased body confidence leading a happier lifestyle
  • Accelerated fat burning

As you can gather from the information contained in this short review, Body Beast is a workout program which requires work, discipline and commitment to get desired results. Now that toned and sexy body need not be just a dream anymore, with Body Beast it becomes a reality. Get started with Body Beast today and you could be strutting the new curves in just 90 days.

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