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BOBAFLEX weaving their way to Wisconsin , and a town near you



-Kellie Levans-

Enjoy CHARLATAN'S WEB Today -Bobaflex available web wide
Bobaflex Camp

Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner Part 1 or 2

CHARLATAN'S WEB , the 6th release by Bobaflex available web wide. The small town rowdie rockers, are not strangers to these parts of the woods. West Virginia had to release the McCoy brothers, whose legacy precedes them. The infamous Hatfield & McCoy feud, ironically intertwined its way; all the way back here, in Wisconsin. Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner's, promotions team, consists of 2 Kentucky boys who are ancestors of the Hatfield's (Layne & Todd Tipton) , while the BFX Records innovators and stage stoppers, the McCoy brother's carry the namesake of the opposition.

As in any small town tale, we could gossip here all day. Today is not about rumors, but stands for truth. The reality is, the first time I met with Marty McCoy (see interview via Youtube) we heard the typical music business thread of lies and deceit, that almost sucked the blood straight out of Bobaflex. Also on interview 1 , Marty McCoy tells how the name of the bombastic band, Bobaflex is a play on ; Boba Fett, the antagonist character in the Star Wars series.

I am not only writing here to review an album, that has crept up the billboard charts , spun active radio into a frenzy, of requests and demands for MORE Bobaflex. I am here to review a band. A band that has given hope to an industry slithering with serpent's that steal not only the fun out of the music, but the music itself.

In the world of rock, we forget this is more than two multi-talented brothers. This is a band. A band, who literally perfected their art on the stage. Each member bringing professionalism, quality, technique, and ingenuity in epic proportions. You can take advantage of the listening link below; or turn on any active rock station in the US, and most likely abroad and within ten minutes-you will hear- BAD MAN, BURY ME WITH MY GUNS ON, THE SOUND OF SILENCE, or current single, off of the October 2013 release, CHARLATAN'S WEB, I'M GLAD YOU'RE DEAD (video premiere) (anthem of an abusers plight) video available here -press arrow on player.

CHARLATAN'S WEB -is available via in- store, appropriately at Wisconsin based Exclusive Company -for an Exclusive band , BOBAFLEX ! Bobaflex will be taking the stage February 16, 2014 at 7:30 P.M - Racine , WI at Route 20 Outhouse -Tickets Available

As the opening band takes the stage , The Examiner will be bus bound , talking with Shaun McMoy about his series of unfortunate events -that led to his hospitalization the last time we were venue side, with Bobaflex. After you purchase the Lp or download via itunes -you too will be curious about the lyrics and content of CHARLATAN'S WEB.

Until next week -get your Bobaflex fix and join the masses as we support a real rock & roll band and purchase the work they spent a lifetime creating for us, The Fan

Keep Your requests coming -Active Rock Radio Wisconsin -95.1 WiilRock -WJJO MADISON

All US cities active rock-keep those requests coming-

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Shaun McCoy- Guitar, Vocals
Martin McCoy- Guitar, Vocals
Dave Tipple - Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Johnson- Drums
Jerod Mankin- Bass, Vocals

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