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Bobaflex -Reveal the truth behind "I'm Glad You're Dead" The silence is broken



Bobaflex interview /show review

Bobaflex on Tour in a town near you
Bobaflex on Tour in a town near you
Jeff Martin

Kellie Levans (interview, photo, writer)

Jeff Martin (interview, photo)

Steve Clark (photo

Nathen Edgell (videographer)

On location -Route 20 Outhouse Racine , WI

Interviewing both Marty and Shaun Mccoy, from the billboard chart topping band, Bobaflex, revealed so many unanswered questions for their world wide fan base. (Bobaflex' Warriors)

You can see the candid interview here, by pressing play. The Bobaflex brothers share what the chart topping hit, I'm Glad You're Dead," is based on and written about.

(see video)

Shaun McCoy goes into detail about how it was nearly an impossible request to find a church to actually film the video in. After sixty tries, Marty McCoy was able to secure a church for the location for the controversial video.

The video, I'm Glad You're Dead , premiered on early February, and is finding huge success on YouTube and web wide.

Bobaflex also shares with us how and why they decided to cover the classic Simon & Garfunkel hit, The Sound of Silence, and what it means to them as a band and how their fans embraced the cover.

The live performance is the best show the examiner has reviewed to date.

Bobaflex is tight, flows easy, rocking fun and exciting, fan participation is overwhelming (singing every song), guitar antics, double bass drum madness, harmony, charismatic leads, Bobaflex -they are rock & roll -Kellie Levans-Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner

You can see for yourself, live footage included in film.

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Members Shaun McCoy- Guitar, Vocals
Martin McCoy- Guitar, Vocals
Dave Tipple - Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Johnson- Drums
Jerod Mankin- Bass, Vocals

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