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Blues musician Solomon King's album Train, an ode to blues with a new sound

Solomon King brings an authentic blues with a "new-school" sound
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CD Train by Solomon King


Blues musician connoisseur, Solomon King, has released his third album, and the critical acclaim has been astounding. Reviews suggest King fits the authentic blues mold and their assessment would be right on target. Solomon King (a moniker) had humble beginnings in the musically savvy Detroit, and had his love for the blues embedded in him while hanging out at the no-longer-existing, South Central Los Angeles Blues Club.

This bond with the blues scene resulted in a Grammy-nominated first album, Under the Sun, and was produced by blues legend, Sylvester Rivers. King also dabbles in film, playing the title and lead in the The Phil Spector Incident. When he's not recording music or making movies, he tours throughout the US promoting his timeless music.

Upon listening to the very first single on King's Train, you are quite aware that he is a polished and accomplished guitar player, as well as singer and songwriter. His voice is reminiscent of Jackson Browne and his skills on the guitar are beyond accomplished and impeccable. Each song tells a story, whether big or small, and each song gains momentum with each play. Neither once do the songs lose their luster, energy or aptitude. Solomon's the type of guitar player that will make you want to pick up the guitar and learn to play the way he is, although one might never be quite as polished or skilled, yet it just gives you a thrill to actually be able to play and to hone the skills that King is blessed to have.

It's a rare breed to have music that is this well-written and sounds so good that you can't just listen to it once; you have to give it several rotation plays to fully appreciate the authenticity of the sound and then some. With blues music being manifested and brought to life by such critical acclaimed artists and prodigies like Jonny Lang, Joe Bonamassa, and the Solomon King, this genre is destined to thrive for many years to come.

Track Listing for Train:

1. Baby Does Me Good- *Choice Pick

2. Bad To Me

3. Coffee Song- *Choice Pick

4. Slo Blues

5. Great Wall- *Choice Pick

6. Country Song

7. My Baby's Love- *Choice Pick

8. Train

9. Blue Angel

Purchase Train and King's other albums HERE.

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