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Blue Moose Pizza in Beaver Creek is Yummy and Inexpensive!

Blue Moose Pizza


Beaver Creek has many restaurants to choose from. And after a day of skiing, sometimes you just want someplace casual to relax and unwind.

Blue Moose Pizza is just that place!


Four reasons:

1) They are really kid friendly. (some places say they are, Blue Moose

2) Your whole table cloth is a giant white fantastic drawing pad/tic tac toe playing field.

3) They give you a bucket of crayons (and if you don't find the color you love, ask them and they'll bring you another bucket!)

4) The guys in the back toss the pizza so high, you can see it fly while you are waiting!


Bottom Bottom Line: Blue Moose Pizza is a good restaurant at reasonable prices which makes them desirable and very busy. And since the don't take reservations, if you want to eat there…go early! If you do have to's not so bad, cause they do have a bar, there is ice skating and tons of shops to visit till your table is ready!

They have two locations in Vail and Beaver Creek, both are open for lunch and dinner and are well worth a meal or two or three.

I have kids. We went 4 times in a week!

Beaver Creek Village
76 Avondale Lane
Beaver Creek, CO 81620
970) 845-8666

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