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‘Blue Bloods’ tv recap: ‘Open Secrets’ open season on young girls

Blue Blues kidnap
Blue Blues kidnap
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CBS Blue Blues


Air date February 28, 2014

Danny and Baez are called to investigate the kidnapping of a young girl from school. Frank, on the other hand, receives a call from Scotland Yard informing him that one of his intelligence officers has been detained. Joseph Scott, whose daughter was kidnapped from the same school seven years ago, pops up at the precinct. The man’s presence only reminds Danny of his inability to find Scott’s daughter, but Scott is a calm, hopeful man.

Erin arrives home with dinner and catches Nikki and her classmate, (who jets out of Nikki’s bedroom) by surprise. Nikki claims they were studying. She must have been trying to teach him how to tie his shoes because both of Ben’s shoe laces were undone. Nikki looks panicky. Perhaps she should.

Jenna Wallace, the most recently kidnapped girl, is still missing and Danny likes her stepdad for a suspect since finding out the man was married before and never wanted kids to begin with.

Aside from dealing with her teenage daughter and all the tests and trials that come with that stage in life, Erin also has an arrogant medical expert to put up with, Dr. Raskin. Clearly, Dr. Raskin’s head can no longer contain his super-sized ego, making him a poor witness for the prosecution. Erin and Nikki do finally get around to discussing Ben – sort of. Nikki cleverly darts and dodges her mother’s hints and questions like a fly avoiding a swatter. And Erin also meets with Dr. I-have-more-brains-than-you and gave him a piece of her just-as-smart-as-you-are mind. So there!

Danny rummages through the Joseph Scott file box. Well what do you know? He notices a picture of Scott’s missing daughter wearing the same type of ribbon hair accessory as the one school custodian, Mrs. Galecki, gave Baez.

Danny and Baez pay Mrs. Galecki a non-social visit. He goes down to the basement after hearing a girl’s voice cry out for help. The first thing Danny sees glaring at him are those blasted ribbon hair bows. Wall-to-wall ribbon hair bows. Mr. Galecki is there holding onto a girl claiming she is safe and soon surrenders. As Danny cuffs Mr. Galecki, the girl repeatedly calls out Danny’s name until he finally looks up. Sheer shock and disbelief plasters over his face. Its Joseph Scott’s missing daughter.

Jenna Wallace is there as well and the girls say they were never harmed. So one could only assume the middle-aged couple wanted daughters of their own. Hopefully, they’ve learned a valuable lesson in all of this. You can’t bait other people’s children with hair bows and then take them home for keeps.

Blue Bloods’ stars Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg and can be seen on Fridays at 10:00 PM on CBS.