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‘Blue Bloods’ recap: ‘Secret Arrangements’ going behind one’s back

Secret Arrangements
Secret Arrangements

Blue Bloods


Danny and Baez just caught a homicide case - Professor Daniels, a local college professor, is found murdered and slumped over in his car. Meanwhile, Jamie and his partner, Edit “Eddie” Janko, get the nut job of the week wherein a young blonde haired screaming Mimi stands outside an apartment building yelling for someone named Mike.

Erin warns the Commissioner (daddy) that the District Attorney’s office is investigating officers with glowing records as far as arrests made due to having such agreeable criminals cooperating with them. And of course, hard-nosed Danny’s name is on this list. However, Frank does not believe Danny would ever cross the line. He would go as far as just standing on it though.

The wife of Professor Daniels is visibly upset and beside herself with grief upon the hearing the sad, sad news. He was a good man, she declares. Plus, they had tickets for the theater on Tuesday for crying out loud. Danny and Baez later learn Professor Daniels had a favorite website that was quite misleading. Disguised as a site about scholarships, it really provided an education as to how to become a client of their escort service. The naughty professor and his friend were members and as the friend justified it, tired of the judging glares from Danny’s eyes, “my wife has not touched me since the Reagan years.” And the professor had a favorite girl too. Her name is Maggie Parks. Maggie has a young ex-boyfriend who she claims was upset about her new old boyfriend. His name is Milo Finch.

Frank secretly has lunch with Danny’s boss to pump him for Danny’s “job performance” information. The sergeant is suspicious enough to be worried but not crazy enough to press Frank for answers as to why he wants this information.

Danny and Baez locate the fresh-faced college kid who is the mastermind behind this scandalous online prostitution site. After retrieving information and putting the fear of the IRS in him, they leave him be. Hopefully, college pimp has made a career change.

Jamie’s college friend Spencer Croft is in town and takes a liking to Jamie’s partner Eddie. He is practically licking his lips as if she were a pork chop about to be devoured. Through Jamie, he asks to take her out on a date. Excited, Eddie arranges for a double date between the two of them along with Jamie and one of her friends.

Danny gets a heads-up that someone from the force is looking into him. Anxious, angry, alarmed or all of above, he goes to have words with papa Frank because he should know what’s going on, right? The thing about using your words is you have to not only use polite words, but display a pleasant demeanor at the same time. Well, that didn’t happen and Frank throws Danny out. Whoa!

The next day during dinner, Danny says the grace in manner that’s surely not pleasing to God and his sour attitude makes everyone else feel uncomfortable too. He gets a call from Baez. She’s found Milo Finch nursing his sorrows in an alcoholic beverage. Thank goodness. Now everyone can enjoy their meal in peace, eat with gusto and relish and perhaps even talk about Danny behind his back.

Okay, so who is dating who here? Jamie and Eddie are love tapping and hee-hawing together like lovebirds. “Their” dates even notice the chemistry and somehow, Jamie is the one walking his partner home at evening’s end and they end up kissing. Finally, they see what others have noticed. Sparks flying.

Call ‘Divorce Court!’ Professor Daniels has been dipping into the family retirement funds to put Maggie through college plus sending her goofy love letters and poems. To add insult to injury, the poems are not even original. He sent the same prose to his wife over 20-years ago. That’s right. The Mrs. did it. She had to. Had Daniels lived, he's liable to start spending the theater ticket money.

Jamie and Eddie awkwardly try to talk about last night but in order to save what they do have, the talk themselves out of discussing what they might be able to have. We’ll see how this is working out by the end of the season.

Erin clears the air between Frank and Danny. It’s a stubborn road to patching things up, but the two Reagan men get there with a little help from a slice of a pizza, a glass of scotch and home movies.

Tune in to ‘Blue Bloods’ on Fridays at 10:00 PM on CBS.

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